The 15-person Busycle at the annual Green Meadow July 4 Parade in Palo Alto, CA
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Busycle Inventor,
Matthew Mazzotta
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Busycle Co-Inventor,
Heather Clark
Cover courtesy Empire Covers
Manny Garcia
Key Operator
Our fearless leader and
NBG Rock Star bus benefactor
John E Cabrera
Keepers of the Busycle -
Gerry Gras & Dana Saint George
Welder & Part Fabricator: Tom Kabat of
Wooden Bikes
Busycle Gearbox - At Rest
2006 Boston to San Francisco Busycle
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Look at all the smiling faces. This is a politician's dream. I want one for Santa Barbara....
Marty Blum
Mayor Santa Barbara
A ride on the Busycle is so much fun with folks waving, wondering at it, and walking beside it! Great energy..
Liz Kniss
Supervisor Santa Clara County
Busycle rides are always a blast. It is such a great community builder
Yoriko Kishimoto
Former Mayor Palo Alto
The Busycle makes every celebration better - it is so much fun!!
The Busycle was a major hit. It was busy giving kids of all ages rides all day long. We are so happy we contracted with the National Bicycle Greenway to bring it to our event. And congratulations to makers Matthew Mazzotta, Heather Clark and kudos to them for the guidance they got from from the MIT professors that were led by "Bicycling Science" author David Gordon Wilson. We so want to bring it back next year and want to build it in to any of the future events that become practical for us to do..

Louise Glasgow, Show Producer, Maker Faire

Note: 65,000 people attended the 5/04/08 weekend event. We were mobbed the whole day..... MK

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