Busycle Hits 21 Mph on Airport Day

Busycle Airport

With 12 strong pedalers aboard, we hit 10 mph on flat ground on the way to Palo Alto Airport Day and 19 on the back side of the freeway overpass on the way in. We topped that on the way back reaching 21 mph. Meet the Busyclists who get us to the event as well as get a small taste of the ride and Airport Day 2007..

Here is the GPS data that Matthew B collected for us:

From the above, you can see that we averaged a mile an hour slower on the way back. This was so because half of the horses that got us up to almost 21 mph on the down side of the overpass on the way back, walked back to the airport after they had helped to get us back over the freeway. At which point we were left to talking riders into joining us for a block or two..


Rider Crew that got us there:
Faye Saunders, Scott Campbell, Pam Slocum, Greg Nelson. Matthew Blain, Ann Getz, Cindy, Barry Burr, Joanna Gonda. Daphne Gulling, Larry Chickering, Mark Kreutzer

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