Bol Park - Vienna Teng Ride
Aug 07, 2007

In what was   easily the most  beautiful of the Palo alto concert series venues, Vienna Teng's melodies added to the soothing   calm that enveloped our senses. So powerful was her hypnotic charm that on this day our Busycle was content to be marginalized, In fact, I suspect that Vienna's allure is so powerful that her presence on the national stage will soon be ubiquitous.

As well, she is a  beautiful person who is much loved by all those  around her. This I was blessed by when I not only got a picture of her with the Busycle  in the background but when she communicated the excitement she felt to be able to give back to the community from which she had grown by giving me a brief hug. Based now in  NY, her music can be found at .

As for the ride that got us there,  Frank Flynn made it possible. He brought four worthy pedalers who went both ways even! His powerhouse wife  Kiersten, followed Frank's lead as she kept kept on pedaling even when a slight road grade challenged us or when the pedal load  changed as passengers came and went.  Their kids, Fione and Declin were equally as sturdy. As was their family friend, Kyle.

They were joined by fellow troopers, Lisa Maloney and her dad, Mark, Alex, the basketball coach, and Cynthia Symancyk, our  esteemed  Busycle poet. In all, maybe 40 different people got to pedal our machine on this wonderfully memorable, pleasant evening!

We did not celebrate Wayne's BD

Rider Crew:
Frank & Kiersten Flynn with kids, Declin & Fione, Kyle, Mark Kreutzer with daughter Lisa Maloney, Alex, Cynthia Symancyk, misc riders who joined us along the way

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