Busycle Enjoys Cal Ave Concert

Busycle to Cal Ave Concert

On Tuesday 6/10, we pedaled the Busycle to California Ace here in Palo Alto where we enjoyed the music of Luce. Besides the comedy of our ride, here you will get to laugh with us as you hear the fun that former Mountain View city council candidate, Tian Harter (in the pony tail) also helped us to create. It's all in the video above.

Besides the video above, don't miss the Podcast Debrief:

Busycle Cold Blood Debrief (6:30)

Rider Crew:
Tian Harter, Brett Garrett, Kiersten Flynn and her 2 kids, Joseph Ols, Shawn Raymomd, Tim Stilwell, CJ, Tiziana P, Faye Saunders, John E, Dave Hershberger, unknown woman, 2 unknown guys, Johne Cabrera

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