Busycle Cheers

The Busycle is not a bus;
The motor is cranked by us

Bus-y-cle’s a fun way to go,
That's because we go real slow

Getting there takes all of us!
We REALLY are a “people's bus!”

Pulling together we will win,
Using gas should be a sin.

Filling stations we will pass,
That's because we use no gas.

We keep it rolling really slow,
On bananas we will go!

Busycle’s a recycled machine,
Pretty soon it’ll run on soy bean!

Made up of all recycled parts,
We’re earth-friendly, and that’s a start!

5,000 ca-lo-ries we’ll burn
Just to make this *darn* left turn!

Watch us cross the El Camino,
You’ll be impressed by the traffic-ino!
[To Starbucks for a cappacino!]

Don’t you honk at us when we go!

This is top speed when we’re not SLOW!


Walk next to us as we pedal,

This is the REAL “pedal to the metal!”


Born in Boston near M-I-T,

Those ol’ en-gi-nerds were sure might-y.


We’ll need drinks soon as we go,

Otherwise, we’ll go REAL slow!


Water, soda, or home brew,

Something cool would help this crew!


Taking a seat would be the bomb!

Won’t you join us and have some fun?


Fastest speed was twenty-three,

Join us and “rev up” our “M-P-G!”


What you have on just won’t matter,

It will go with all the chain splatter.

OSHA has us cer-ti-fied,
“Stop” in three seconds, it’s been tried.

Stopping and starting, we’ve been tested,
It’s the machine that we’ve invested.

Come and de-sign Busycle 2,
Work on it will start very soon!

Silicon Valley’s Busycle 2
Will be perfected by me and you!

We can show the world what we’ve got,
A gas-guzzler the Busycle’s --- NOT!

(Do you know it’s real hard work
Making rhymes up drives me bizerk!)

Pizza, tacos, bu-rri-tos,
That’s our fuel, and no fat grows

Did you know our body’s in gear,
From the fun, and not just beer!

Feed us raw foods of wholesomeness,
We can’t get enough of this here BUS!

You’re a “Spare Part” when you walk,
Come on the Bus and we can talk!

Ou-r goal is to go forward East,
Just to tame the gasoline Beast!

Did you know that this is the last -

Time you can ride the Busycle fast?


Come the Spring of 2,000 and 9

Bus-y-cle will go down the Line!


To send it back we need some cash,

That’s why we’re putting on this fine bash!


Bands and music with some food,

Come, one and all, it’ll be real GOOD!


I know the last lines didn’t QUITE rhyme,

But you know we’ll all have a real great tyme!


Biking is more than saving gas,

It’s for your health and making you last.

(It’s for your health and moving your ass!)

The Busycle will NOT be motorized!


Busycle, Busycle, Busycle – the Revolution that will NOT be motorized!


Three cheers for the Busycle!

Hip, hip --- Hooray!

Hip, hip --- Hooray!

Hip, hip --- Hooray!

(clapping and noise)


Repeat after me - three times!

Beep, beep, people powered!

Beep, beep, people powered!

Beep, beep, people powered!


Busycle – the 14-people engine!


NO gas used!


Spare Busycle parts walking by

(called out to people as we drive by)


Join the Busycle Revolution!


Get on the Bus Gus!


Busycle – Try it --- You’ll LIKE it!


(Slowly …)

Roll on you BU-us! 

(one arm lasso move)

Roll on you BU-us!

(one arm lasso move)


Here we go Busycle, here we go,

(clap, clap) – repeat 3 times


Sound off

1, 2

3, 4


1, 2, 3, 4

5, 6, 7, 8


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