Busycle Parties with Cold Blood & Balloon Guy

Busycle tp Cold Blood

Our ride to Mitchell Park here in Palo Alto rewarded us in many ways. Besides the fun ride, and all the attention we got, Lydia Pense and Cold Blood put on a great show as did 16-year old Jonathan Zamboli, the Balloon Guy, as you will see in the video above.

Tian Harter's awesome video collage

Besides the video above, don't miss the Podcast Debrief:

Busycle Cold Blood Debrief (2:34)

Rider Crew:
Faye Saunders, Scott Armstrong, Pam Slocum, Tian Harter, CJ, Cassidy Sullivan, Shawn Cassidy, Dave, Cynthia Hanson, JohnE, David & Jane Moss, Rick Bautiste, Johne Cabrera

Guide: Rich Willits

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