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July 4, 2008

The 15-person Busycle and a team of comical escorts took a full crew of zany fun seekers to the 53rd Green Meadow neighborhood Fourth of July parade here in Palo Alto, CA. On a ride that was upstaged by Chris Lewellyn on his Five Foot Tall Unicycle, the laughable story line is almost non stop. Celebrate Independence Day with us as you too have F U N -- the Busycle way

Rider Crew:
Dave D, Matt Podoll, Dan Kotke (Apple employee #1) , Raw Daddy James Hall, Paul, Michael Abrams, Mark Kreutzer, Sally & Greg Kingery, Ruth Brown, Pia & Strawberry the dog, Eric & Nellie, Kirsten & Amy

Escorts: Paul Gregg, Johnny Xia, Jeannie & Mark Lewellyn & daughter Amy (7 y.o.), Faye Saunders & Fango the dog

Videographer: Alex Jessup | Unicyclist/Juggler: Chris Lewellyn

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