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Ines Brunn/Mayors' Ride Kick Off Party
Sat April 4, 2009
Mitchell Park Community Center, 5 PM & 7 PM Palo Alto (Doors open @ 4)
$15 Buy Now! (kids <12 Free outdoors)
Front Row Seats (first 15 people - $30 - BUY ASAP)
(insides events limited to first 250)

Ines Bio

Goal - $160,000 | Needs
BioDiesel Tow Bus Sag Vehicle - Why
All -Terrain Tiki Bar.
Jobst Brandt, world famous author of "The Bicycle Wheel", to come
Silvie Pierce Tactician
Ines Brun, the beyond epic German artistic cyclist sensation, who can do things on a bicycle that challenge one's imagination as well as the ability to explain that which has occurred, will be doing two shows here in Palo Alto to help send the Busycle back to Boston. Ines's performances are so powerful, and at the same time compelling with their artistic grace, that they fill entire sporting arenas back in her home country.
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NBG Day - What Happens?

Join the nonprofit National Bicycle Greenway (NBG) in helping Martin Krieg assure safe passage for the world famous 15-person Busycle when he escorts it from San Francisco to Boston this Spring on his third bike ride across America. Aided by a support team, Krieg will be connecting 22 Mayors' Ride cities to one another on a 19th Century Penny Farthing to honor the 125 year anniversary of the very first bike ride across the US by Thomas Stevens.

We here at the National Bicycle Greenway have been honored with the Busycle for two seasons now as we ramp up for its return to the 60-person community that built it in Boston, MA. You can help us get it back to the artists, professors, engineers, pastry chefs and mechanics, etc, who let us play with it by coming to see the world's pre-eminent artistic cyclist!

At the beautiful Middlefield Community Center, Ines will thrill her guests in the main meeting hall above. While from 4 to 5PM and 6 to 7PM, in the the large parking lot outside, where there will be a loop for Busycle rides and the kinetic sculpture vehicles from throughout the Bay Area that will be there, including Peter Wagner's amazing collection of rideable art!

Come see Ines on her rare visit to America!!

Busycle West Coast | Busycle Boston

Sat April 4, 2009
5 PM - 7 PM inside
$15 Buy Now
(evening event limited to first 250)
(includes NBG membership and free NBG water bottles while supplies last)

Mitchell Park Community Center, 3800 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA
(650) 329-2487

Event info - 415-240-4712


front row VIP

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Jeri Wagner, aced Klamath Falls KSR
Peter Wagner, Mr Bicycle of Davis, CA, bringing 9 of of his amazing bikes. He has built and owns hundreds!!
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