Busycle Needs

- Tow Bar (so can tow Busycle to Bay Area events)
- A trailer for 2-4 bicycles the Busycle can pull
- Back up cranks. We are down to one and these seem to break frequently.......
- Canopy for rain and shade from sun (also a great place for signage). Easily constructed with PVC pipe
- A Bio Diesel Bus (preferred: a WVO - Waste Vegetable Oil - Bus)
- A 79" wide trailer with brakes to haul the Busycle long distances
- A mount for Martin's HiWheel so he can bring a back up bike for his 2008 ride to Boston
(Facing forward, it fits to right of driver perfectly)
- A horn - possibly an AirZound air horn
- Drink or water bottle holders
- Whiskers (for keeping track of Busycle edges when passing cars)
- Umbrella (for added fun, visibility and signage opportunities)
- Lighting for shorter days
- Brake Lights
- Bike Flags that give our website
- Hub caps
- Wheel Spinners
- A plaque listing out all the recycled componentry in use
- Some kind of sealant for wood steps which also need to be cleaned
- Sign that stretches from front to back that reads

SF to Boston 08
For the National Bicycle Greenway

- A megaphone for helping us change gears ("stop pedaling:, "start pedaling") - suggested by 9 year old Peter Willits √
- Sign up clipboard for Busycle mailing list√
- Design bike rack that we can mount on the Busycle so we can pick up cyclists
who want to ride with us for a while √√ Thank you Rich Willits!
- Assign seat numbers √
- Make sign board for rear of Busycle. Thank you Dave Hanzel√
- Make Busycle/BikeREoute.com signs front and rear. Thank you Christy Wolf√
- Rebuild entire crank/pedal assembly on dead station. Thank you Tom Kabat√
- Procure and install seven chain tensioner sleeves. Thank you Dave Hanzel√
- Install Posts for Grip Clip tarp mounting system, Thank you Rich Willits!

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