Busycle Nite Ride
Nov 25, 2007
The Busycle waits for action

The first ever lighted Busycle ride was a scream. We ate pizza, laughed a lot and had no problem staying warm! If we got cold we just pedaled harder. And when we rolled up to the pizza parlor, we felt like rock star celebrities as everyone in the busy restaurant made us the focus of their attention.

Video Clips
Upper Left: Barry Mounts His
Lamps (14 sec)
Upper Right: A 360 degree
view (14 sec)
Left: Rider Crew (15 sec)

Mihael Mallot of Michael's Light Toys : Colored Light Master
Barry Burr: Power Head and Tail Lamp Magician
Escorts: Nathan, Benjamin, Paul Gregg
Our Crew - Hdden in the light
It was Trina's Birthday

We also celebrated Grub Crawl Wayne's BD

Rider Crew:
Barry Burr, Allison Chalken, Michael Lourdeaux, Michael Mallot, Waye & Katthy, Michael Laznovsky, Chris Lewllyn (with his mom, Jeannie, dad Mark, their Chinese exchange student, and his little sister), Mark Kreutzer, David and Dihuyen Adams, Mark Lange

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