The Busycle Rides to Hear First 2007 Music in the Park

Ride to the Park

On a beautiful summer evening, Tuesday, 6/19/07, we took the world famous 15-person Busycle 9/10 of a mile to Mitchell Park in to hear Native Element play in the the first of this year's Palo Alto concert series events. We were rewarded by great Reggae music. Because it was a dinner time event, we were also recompensed with all the great pot luck food and drink we brought with us. Here you will see some of the joy we experienced and were able to produce.

More Photos

Podcast Debrief
(what the riders below thought of the evening)

Rider Crew:
Steve Branz, Linda Filling, Dave Hershberger (Unwheeldy builder), Johne Cabrera, Wayne & Cathy Dougless, Cathy McGowan
Cindy Yee, Emily Young, Scott Campbell, Pam Slocum, Marty Banks & Shelly Kleinschrodt
(from Japan), Shawn Raymond

Sag Wagon: Faye Saunders
Road Shepherd: Richard Masoner
Videographer: Schuyler Linn

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