Busycle Grub Crawl & Wayne's 60th!!
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Wayne Douglass and his wife, Cathy, celebrated Wayne's 60th Birthday in the highest possible style. With a Grub Crawl. And what a crawl it was.

We only went to two eateries as the third we had had planned let us know that they would not be open until 5 on Sunday until late Saturday when it was too late for us to react. This, despite the fact that we had put other food places in a holding pattern so as not to over book. However, Whole Foods and Pasta? proved to be more than enough.

We got going later than normal due to the fact that we had to come up with a few replacement riders. Two of our Evite riders came down sick. One was a no show. While a third hit a tree branch on his bike the day before and had come down wounded.

Jill Cohen and Debra Minns, our publicist, came through for us tho. While her son, Eric, had already been raring to go, Jill recruited her other teenage son, Victor and his friend, Ashbant (sp?), to ride with us. And despite her broken elbow and shoulder (from a bike crash in Italy) she not only helped us get the Busycle rolling, but she got us all the way to our first stop, Whole Foods, 2.5 miles away.

Debra also recruited her brother Keith and his son Keith Jr and even hunted down Wayne and Cathy who had thought that the Busycle was going to pick them up. Almost as suddenly as Debra and her team showed up, Marc and Sylvia (6 mos pregnant) drove up ready to ride. Genny, who had been out for a run in the opposite direction, let us convince her that she needed to ride with us and all of a sudden we were a full bus ready to roll!!

Debra Minnis

Because the Busycle often moves at walking speed when we don't have a plethora of strong riders who can keep it up for a good while, by the time we got a mile out, two bucyclists gave up their seats so they could stretch their legs in pedestrian mode. Their relief came in the form of Pat, and her son Nick, who had been going the opposite way in a car.

We gave lots of on lookers this same chance as we made our way to Whole Foods where once we arrived it was energy food and drink heaven. We had barely walked in when Phil, one of their managers, was wheeling out a cart full of goodie bags. In them were energy bars and drinks as well as different kinds of fruit. We sat double parked in front of the store and munched away as cameras clicked and most everyone stopped and wondered at our Busycle machine. We created quite a stir for maybe half an hour before we moved on to out next stop, an Italian restaurant on University called Pasta?.

Six exciting blocks filed with happy smiling drivers ad pedestrians later we pulled in to a parking spot reserved for deliveries two doors past our destination. Soon, Ania and CC appeared with enough brouschetta to feed 15 people. A toasted bread concoction with a heaping mound of chopped tomatoes on top of it, we were in heaven as we also made sure to sing Happy Birthday to Wayne for probably the third time of the day.

Ania from Pasta? steering - That's Jil and her son Eric a the left

All those who walked by on the busy sidewalk either stopped to get a better look or slowed down so as not to miss anything. One of them was Craig. He had to pick up his computer at the Apple Store several blocks away. We told him we would give him a ride, said good bye to the gracious Pasta? people and were off.

After we stopped at Apple, we did a few more downtown streets, turning heads and invoking smiles everywhere we went. We even talked Ondine and Cathy into a riding a few blocks with us. It wasn't long before they were were so excited that they offered to see if we can do Busycle tours up in the wine country where they live.

On the way home, we stopped at Whole Foods once again. This time, they sent us on our way with cookies and milk. We also picked up a batch of fresh new legs for the ride home. One was Michael Grifka, a strong cyclist who agreed to join Debra, Greg, Faye and myself as a Core Rider. He is pictured HERE with me at the end of these pictures he took.

Half way across town we stopped in and saw Catherine Debs one of the hosts of the TV show Everyday Angels. She has asked us to come by so she could take a picture of us for her Christmas card. By the time we got there however, her photographer couldn't make it so Catherine decided to ride with us instead. But not before she emptied out her refrigerators making sure we had ample bottled water to keep our joints moving.

She couldn't stop talking about how much fun she was having for the next 6 or 7 long blocks. When we stopped to let a few riders get off a and a bunch of high school students get on, she realized she had lost track of time and had to go cook for her husband. It was also here that Pat caught up with us. With the pictures she had taken of her ride with us a little more than an hour before . WoW!!

The next mile was strong and spirited as the five sophomores who had now joined us sans skateboards and two bikes rode hard and strong.

Soon the ride was over and wow what a day. A full sign up sheet of new names for our mailing list, lots of happiness spread and all through out the day we had an excellent running machine to ride. In the end, we did lose one station as somehow the chain worked itself off of the chain ring.

As for Wayne (pictured above) --- he said it was a birthday he will never forget!!

So much fun!!

THX 4 all of U!!

Here are the riders that got the Busycle over to Whole Foods:

1. Martin Krieg
2. Greg Nelson
3. Faye Saunders
4. Debra Minnis
5. Keith Minnis
5. Keith Minnis, Jr
6. Jill Cohen
7. Eri Cohen
8. Victor Cohen
9. Wayne Douglass
10. Cathy Douglass
11. Marc DeVincentis
12. Sylvia DeVincentis
13. A runner (name?)
14. Ashbant

It made for a wonderful day to meet and cycle with you wonderful people.
Thank you for bringing the buscycle to our neighborhood!
Pat and Nick Landman Herriot

Thanks, that was really fun yesterday!
Cathy Gilbert

A pleasure pedaling with you today. I look forward to the next time, and I’ll bring party favors!!
Michael Grifka

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