11th Annual How Berkeley Can You Be Parade

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Sunday, September 17th, 2006

We helped Berkeley celebrate itself in one of the most colorful, irreverent, and fun events on the west coast. The Eleventh Annual "How Berkeley Can You Be?" Parade went off on Sunday, September 17, 2006 at 11:00 A.M and we were without question one of its most celebrated entries. Cameras everywhere were focused on us. Television news services trained their video equipment on us as well. There was a steady steam of applause as we rolled by the onlookers standing three and four people deep. We were invited to the parade by the organizers. They even helped us offset our expenses to get there!

Besides the video above. listen also to the Podcast debriefing that followed: (14:46)

Core Riders:
1. David Hanzel - Palo Alto (Procured the trailer and then drove it and all eight of us up to the event!)
2. Schuyler Linn - Palo Alto (a 12 year old who practices at the Apple Store, he ran the video camera)
3. Doug Molitor - Palo Alto
4. Rich Willits - Palo Alto
6. Martin Krieg - Palo Alto
6. Faye Saunders - Palo Alto
7. Peter Willits - Palo Alto (nine years old)
8. Greg Nelson - Palo Alto
9. Christy Wolf (in spirit - she loaned us her 8-person SUV to tow the Busycle!)
10-14. Dozens of enthusiastic Berkeley parade goers all the way up University Ave who knew they had to do more than just watch and be excited!!

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