Ines Brunn Busycle ride
July 22, 2008

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Ines Brun, the beyond epic German bike acrobat sensation, who can do things on a bicycle that challenge one's imagination as well as the ability to explain that which has occurred, rode on and with the Busycle here Tuesday July 22, 2008! The excitement for what took place still engenders conversation. I mean we're talking about an athlete and body movement magician whose impromptu street performances were so powerful, and at the same time compelling, that she stopped traffic and brought countless neighbors out of their homes to witness her magic acts.

On our Busycle way across town to hear the also legendary band, Norton Buffalo, play the second to last show in the Palo Alto summer concert series, the spontaneous street theater that broke out along the way made us privy to an excitement that few people will ever get a chance to view.

If you want to see why we were all so captivated by this humble powerhouse of a beautiful woman, go to her web at

Here is video of the woman we saw up close and personal who stands so tall above other champion cyclists that she has no equal:

Ines Brunn @ Yahoo! Video

What an Honor this was !!

Rider Crew:
Dave Delgado, Joseph Ols, Dan Kotke (Apple employee #1) , Mark Kreutzer, Kristen & Anika, Nick Perry, Jeannie Lewellyn & Amy, Wolf Price, Greg Nelson, Pia Stromquist, Taylor Campbell, Joyce Yushin, Joanne Ehrich

Escorts: Paul Gregg, Benjamin Dansunankul, Bob Schneeveis, Tina Lamers, Faye Saunders, Yoriko Kishimoto family (5), Greg Davis, and others|

Video Sag: Mike Saari & Mimi | Videographer: Nathan Dansunankul Skate Show: Jim Johnson

Moral Supporting Attendees: Dave Martin, Steve Rice, JohnE Cabrera, Jams Hall & Clarina Bradshaw

Neighborhood Muses: Martin & Sara Stone, Schuyler Linn, Chia Pienknagura, Le Para St neighbors ,

Ines riding NBG Director Martin Krieg's HiWheel

SFO to CalTrain to NBG office (plane to train to trailer)
Ines builds other bike (she brought two - from China) at park by train station
Ines fooling around on Ellen Fletcher Bike Blvd
Tree truck passes a backwards riding Ines
Busyclists lead Ines leading the pack
Ines on Martin Krieg's HiWheel (see video above)
Ines does trick as Jefff Kistler films and Nathan D look on
Joseph Ols suveys bubble brigade at our destination
Ines waves from Mike Saari's vido sag
Ines wheelied for miles both to andz from the train station

See Martin Krieg conduct a brief interview with Ines. In it you will see that, as the
humble giant she is, Ines does not know how much impact her performance has on pretty much anyone who sees it....

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