We Busycled to the Janice Way Hurray, a Palo Alto Neighborhood Social, on September 10, 2006.

We met at 3PM at my house and made our way over to Loma Verde on the way to Rich Willits's (Busycle Key Operator) street, Janice Way. Since we were early, we stopped first at the Greer Court Block Party that Rich had also gotten us invited to. Much to his surprise, however, not everyone there knew. We were stopped at the barricade they had erected by an older woman who couldn't figure out who or what we were. It wasn't long though before she was seen happily taking pictures of her neighbors as they enjoyed the one demonstration ride we gave them.
From there we went back to The Janice Way Hurray where there were kids everywhere and excellent food and drink as well. Rich piloted two demonstration rides that went maybe a mile in length in total, as did I. And everyone, as is always the case, came back with brightened faces and big smiles! The famous New York Times, tech writer, Larry Magid, was there and he pulled me aside for a several minute podcast interview about the Busycle! Not only did he get a story that he can sell to the many papers he writes for, he was also able to test out a recorder that he is putting through the paces for a review.

On the way home, since it was on the way, we stopped at Chantal's house. The host-in-chief for the 9/24 block party she had several weeks ago asked us to attend, she was both surprised and excited to see us as were her kids and husband. In no time, many neighbors rushed out to see the three point turn we made to get us headed back for home. Chantal and her two kids joined us for that ride and she was so excited that we are coming to visit her party in a couple of weeks that she offered to buy us a horn we can use to announce our arrival!!

Here is the podcast debriefing that wrapped thing up!

Here are the riders that got the Busycle over to the parties:

1. Martin Krieg
2. Greg Nelson
3. Faye Saunders
4. Debra Minnis
5. Keith Minnis
5. Keith Minnis, Jr

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