Korean TV Documentary Ride
Jan 06, 2008
A break in the storm that has saturated Northern California for the past week allowed us to do a short demonstration ride for the Korean TV documentary crew that crossed the ocean to film us. The threatening weather kept us from going to California Ave and Stanford University as planned but we were still able to make their 12 hour plane flight worth their while. Palo Alto Mayor Yoriko Kishimoto even raced over on her road bike to steer us down the nearby Bryant St bike boulevard for the 20 minute ride we all enjoyed.

The SBS people spent hours here doing interviews (including one of the Mayor) and filming all of what is involved in a Busycle ride. All of which was compacted down to just under three minutes worth of air time. This is so because we were only one project in the fascinating show they traveled the globe to create.

This entire SBS documentary, many months in the making, had as its focus human power and all the amazing things people are creating that rely on the movement of arms and legs (and sometimes even just body heat) and not old dinosaur remains to make things move and happen. Making use of sub titles, it was highly acclaimed all over Asia.

Rider Crew:
Mayor Yoriko Kishimoto,
Barry Burr (of Barry's Beams), Allison Chalken, Faye Saunders, Chloe Linn, Fango (the dog),
Mike Abrams,, Justin (barefoot Busyclist/triathlete), Mimi Wolf.
David Butcher (Pedal Power Plans for TVs, Washers, Kitchen Appliances, etc)

Paul Gregg , Nathan, Benjamin and NIck (on razor scooter)

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