2007 May Fete Parade

The Parade
Getting there

On Saturday May 5, 2007, Mayor Yoriko Kishimoto, drove a Busycle full of Palo Alto dignitaries down University Avenue in the Annual May Fete parade. They were joined by her husband, Lee Collins, as they pedaled to the music of the JLS junior high shcool marching band. Jaws dropped, people cheered and cameras flashed all along the entire route.

"What a blast it was! Thank you so much for making that possible,
Martin. Rich, David and all the riders who joined us!"
Mayor Yoriko Kishimoto


Palo Alto Dignitary Riders
Mary Frances Callan ~ PAUSD Superintendent
Sunny Dykwel ~ Palo Alto Recreation Foundation Board Member <mailto:sdykwel@apr.com>
Dave Goldman ~ Palo Alto Recreation Foundation Board Member
Carl King ~ Parks/Recreation Commissioner
Paul Losch ~ Parks/Recreation Commissioner
Jerry Matranga ~ PAUSD Asst. Superintendent
Jack Morton ~ City Council
Daria Walsh ~ Parks/Recreation Commissioner
Yoriko Kishimoto - Palo Alto Mayor

Rider Crew:
Steve Branz, CJ, Lee Collins, Linda Filling, Jay Hammer, David Hanzel, Ann Hanzel, Dwight Harbaugh,
Mike Harding, Yoriko Kishimoto, Martin Krieg, Don Loomis, Faye Saunders, Rich Willits, Emily Young

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