A Raw Daddy Busycle Feast - Escovedo plays
July 15, 2008

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On July 15, after we rode the Busycle to Mitchell Park and as we listened to Peter Escovedo's awesome Latin tunes, James Hall and Clarina Bradshaw of Raw Daddy Foods, just kept pouring it on with their delicious raw food yummie meals. They brought three different recipes for us to sample, all in flax seed cones, two of which more than fully sated each of our hungry appetites. By the time they were done feeding our full bus, all of our escorts and even a number of music hounds hungry and/or curious enough to want to know what they tasted like, 40 or 50 new people had experienced a food sensation that I know will soon take America by storm.

Toward that end, James plans to open 200 fast food outlets that sell only his raw food snowcones and kombucha drink in the next five years. As the former CEO for the computer giant, Marathon Int'l, James knows how to make his dreams real!! Nor is it going to be hard, his food is major delciious.

If this wasn't enough, laugh with Nathan as he films our ride back from the the trailer Mike Saari tows with his high performance electric bike. Enjoy all this and more in this madcap video!!

Rider Crew:
Dave Delgado, Dan Kotke (Apple employee #1) , Mark Kreutzer, Kristen & Anika, Nick Perry, The Knoxes (Lisa & Ken, Audrey, Lisa), Lisa Maloney, Jeannie Lewellyn & Amy, Alex Jessup, Mango Martin, JohnE Cabrera, Joanne Ehrich

Escorts: Paul Gregg, Benjamin, Nick, Jennifer | Video Sag: Mike Saari & Mimi

Videographer: Nathan | Skate Show: Jim Johnson

Moral Supporting Attendees: Dave Martin, Steve Rice, JohnE Cabrera's dad, Matt Podoll

Neighborhood Muses: Martin & Sara Stone, Rob Neff, Gerry Gras (84 Bicycle Coast to Coast)

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