Past Busycle Rides


3-13-10 Raging Grannies & Yoriko Kishimotp No Blood 4 Oll Ride
3-13-10 Dafne's 14th BDay Ride
2-27-10 Full Boat Busycle Rides
2-14-10 Valentines Day Ride
1-31-10 Move from Philz Coffee Ride
11-14-09 Macrobiotic Cookie Ride

10-04-09 Philz Customer Appreciation & John's BD Rides
9-12-09 Busycle Ride to Philz Coffee (our new Palo Alto temporary home)
Martn Krieg, Busycle catalyst builds and executes Eagle HiWheeel ride to Salt Lake City
Worldwide Financial Meltdown killed his ride with Busycle to Boston
11-15-08 Farewell Fund Raiser
11-02-08 Busycle Buzz Good Bye Ride to Farmers Mkt (Fund Raiser Promotion)
10-25-08 Busycle Adult Hide & Go Seek to Farmers Mkt (Fund Raiser Promotion)
10-18-08 Mid Town Fest w/Short Busycle Demo Rides
9-28-08 Waverly St Half Bus Teaser Ride
9-11-08 Como Esta Taqueria Ride Video Footage
8-5-08 Tommy Castro on Cal Ave Video Footage
7-22-08 Ines Brunn Exhibition Video Footage
7-15-08 Mitchell Park Raw Daddy Feast - Escovedo Plays Video Footage
7-04-08 Busycle 4th, Uni Juggler, Parade Wave Insanity Video Footage
6-11-08 Busycle Goes to Hear Big Band Beat Video Footage
5-10-08 Palo Alto Earth Day, Mitchell Park
5-10-08 Berkeley, CA Bike Rodeo
5-02/5-03-08 Maker Faire, San Mateo CA Fairgrounds Video Footage
4-27-08 San Francisco Critical Mass
2-16-08 Busycle Spring BBQ Tune-Up
2-16-08 Busycle Tour of CA Jack Castor Pre-Ride
1-06-08 Korean TV Documentary Ride
y Video Footage
12-22-07 Busycle Xmas Tree Lane Ride
11-24-07 Busycle Nite Ride
10-13-07 Whole Foods Harvest Fest Ride
10-6-07 Ellen Fletcher Gratitude Ride
Video Footage
9-23-07 Busycle a Enjoys Argentine Tango on Waverly St
9-15-07 Busycle a Big Hit at Midtown Summer Fest
9-9-07 Busycle Hits 21 Mph on Airport Day Video Footage
8-25-07 Palo Alto Festival for the Arts
8-07-07 Bol Park Concert with Viena Tang
7-17-07 Busycle Parties with Cold Blood & Balloon Guy
Video Footage
7-10-07 Busycle Enjoys Cal Ave Concert
Video Footage
7-04-07 Busycle Makes Noise Fun at 7/4 Parade
Video Footage
6-26-07 Busycle Parties on the road to Rinconada Video Footage
6-19-07 Busycle Rides to Hear First 2007 Music in the Park
Video Footage
5/05/07 Palo Alto May Fete Parade
Video Footage
4/28/07 Mountain View Spring Family Parade
4/15/07 Stanford Community Day - NOT
10/2206 Busycle Grub Crawl & Wayne's 60th!!
10/15/06 Palo Alto Neighborhood Ride
9/30/06 Electric Vehicle Assn Rally
9/24/06 Waverly St Social
9/17/06 HowBerkeley
Video Footage
9/10/06 Neighborhood Ride Janice
8/26/06 BarCampStanford
Video Footage
8/6/06 PaloAltoConcertTour
7/27/06 Palo Alto NBG Day
7/28/06 San Francisco NBG Day

Based upon my 1986 coast to coast crossing on a state-of-the-art, 13 foot long, trailer towing recumbent, the 40 million Americans who tuned in didn't do so until I left Houston, Texas where the bike I rode from CA was replaced and all the bugs had been fully shaken out. Once this took place, I was then able to keep a schedule that included the newspaper, radio, TV and public speaking appearances that ushered my book, "Awake Again", into form. Instead of waiting until next April, when we hit the road in next year's Mayors' Ride, the Busycle rides we do are an attempt to learn as many of the potential pitfalls that lie ahead when we tour the USA with it as we call for the building of the National Bicycle Greenway:

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