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To get on the Evite for one of our regular rides here in Palo Alto, CA: Email nbgATbikerouteDOTcom

Rides are generally 2 to 5 miles in length total however expect to spend three to four hours in FUN mode as we partake in those activities found at our destination. If you sign up to ride, do understand that you will need to help us get the Busycle to the event in question as well as help us get it back. You will need to find a replacement if you cannot help us return. If you want to come along and yet cannot make a day or an afternoon of your participation, as long as you return to help us pedal the Busycle back, you are free to do what ever works for you while we are not in transit. In addition, food and drink are your responsibility but we do stop at stores and the like along the way..

Wear Casual clothes

Never jump off the bus while it is still moving - no matter how slow. Wait until instructed to do so.

Watch your pants. Bike chains can get them greasy.

When you stand up, make sure to steady yourself first to make sure your legs are well planted. In our comfortable chairs, your legs can turn to rubber unbeknownst to you.

Don't push too hard. If it feels like you have to force to move the pedals, back off. When bicycle components are aked to perform like weight lifting equipment, as they can on the Busycle, they can break quite readily.

Note: The Busycle is not advised if you are camera shy.....

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