The Waverly St Social

The Waverly St Social was an indeed beyond worthy event for the Busycle to have traveled to. Held on a beautiful autumn afternoon here in Palo Alto where the weather is about as good as you are going to find it here on Planet Earth, this was far more than a block party collection of neighbors. In fact the Busycle was only one of the many highlights.

There was a real cotton candy machine. And Stephen B, a science professor at a local college, treated the kids to ice cream made with a chemical concoction that billowed with clouds of mysterious frozen smoke. If that was not enough, besides all the great food and drink that was there in ample supply, we were even serenaded by Waverly St neighbor Allen Simon who brought his keyboard, sound amplification and 5-person choir ensemble (which included his wife Julia and was made all the more colorful by his daughter Emily who scooted about on her unicycle) for us to enjoy. Their half hour performance was a warm up before they played at the Lucie Stern art center later that evening. And WoW were they good!!

We left after the balloon toss (I am told we missed the dessert contest). Kids of all ages and adults stood shoulder to shoulder next to each other in an event complete with whistles (I refereed as I used to be a baseball umpire and basketball sports official) and scores of pre-made water balloons. Probably 20 or 30 people played as another 20 or 30 watched - Big Fun!

Our Busycle rides were short. maybe a quarter mile each. But we did do about 10 of them. And THX to the collars that David Hanzel got on to the drive train tensioners, we didn't lose one station!! A first!!

Yahoo for Ed and Lois and all the kids and neighbors on Waverly, of which there must have been more than a hundred different people who came and went throughout the day. And especially to Chantal and Emily who produced such a beautiful event!!
Here are the people who pedaled the Busycle over to the the Waverly St Social (3300 block) Neighborhood Ride on 9/24

1 Martin Krieg
2. John Cabrera
3 Faye Saunders
4. Schuyler Linn
5. David Adams
6. Dihuyen Ho
7. Greg Nelson
8. David Hanzel
9. Stephen Branz
10. Lois
11. Luic Vandereyken
12. Jeff

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