Busycle a Enjoys Argentine Tango on Waverly St
Chantal Vandereyken & Argnetine Tango dance partner, Yuki Kubota

Ten years ago, my charming next door neighbor died of a stroke at the age of 80. He and his wife, both Dutch immigrants, lived and raised their 2 daughters on my street for more than 30 years. I was there along with the firefighters, trying to comfort the poor widow when it happened. Soon I realized how lonely she was. All her family was abroad, no neighbors knew or even cared, total indifference!

As a young immigrant mother myself, I did not want to live and raise my 2 kids in such an indifferent community. I found about the block parties in Palo Alto and thought it was a great way to put busy people together. That's why, for the last four years, I have organized this event.

Help and very positive feedback showed up quickly. I was happy to see neighbors who had lived on the same block for more than 30 years finally meeting for the first time through our block party! Ever expanding participation as well as the great entertainment that always finds its way on to our street already has people looking forward to next year!

While walking or biking on my street now, I can tell a difference between before and after the block party era, neighbors tell me that too, this makes me happy.


The Peninsulaires Barber Shop Quartet
Uni Girl
Demonstration ride - 1 of 3
The Ride Home
John Henry Farm Band in background

Block Party 2007
Sunday September 23
3:30 - 7:00 pm

Our whole block will be closed from 3:00 till 7:15 pm, due to the busycle rides and set up and clean up time. Please consider parking your car elsewhere if you might need it, sorry for the inconvenience.

Neighbors are you ready? The most enjoyable thing will be your attendance, but we might also need a time table for all the goodies we'll have this year, get this:

3:30 GATHERING around drinks and potluck food, north part of the Street. Thanks to Martin from the hood, we'll have his BUSYCLE rides available for us.

4:00 BARBER'S SHOP QUARTET, on the stage area.

4: 30 JOHN HENRY'S FARM, talented live band from the hood. The stage will wait for all Waverley dancers, children, teens, adults and seniors too! Let's dance, show your move.

5:00 ARGENTINE TANGO DANCE demonstration by Chantal. Anyone else?

5:15 YUMMY MAGICAL ICE CREAM, generously offered by Steve and Emily.

5:30 JOHN HENRY'S FARM, resumes as well as the busycle rides

6:00 TALENT SHOW BREAK, anyone wants to sing or say something?

6:30 RESULT FOR DESSERTS CONTEST. The 3 best one will be awarded!

On going cotton candy and potluck.

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