Santa Cruz-Scotts Valley CA

Type of Ride: Training/Rec Loop

Beginning city: Santa Cruz
Cross Streets: Water/Pacific (town Clock)

Destination: Scotts Valley
Cross Streets: Granite Creek/Navara Rd

Total mileage: 18
Difficulty (1 being the easiest and 10 the hardest): 7
Explain: Lots hill work, no shoulders on some of the ascents

Cities along route (in order of from-to): Santa Cruz-Scotts Valley

Roads used (directions, in order of from-to): From town clock left turn Market Street (becomes) Branciforte Dr. to left Granite Creek Road left at bottom of other side of hill on Navarra Rd. becomes Green Hills Rd at barricade. Follow to stop sign. Go straight and you will be on Glen Canyon Rd till you reconnect you with Branciforte Dr where you will turn right and reverse the directions you used to get that far back when you began.

Overall hill profile: intermediate
Notable Hill Work (What Roads): Granite Creek, Glen Canyon
Poor road shoulder (What Roads): Granite Creek, Glen Canyon
Best times: 6am-9am, 9A-12
Noteworthy sights along way: The Mystery Spot where gravity is defied every day if you're not competing against yourself.

Your name: Martin Krieg
Type of bike ridden on: Recumbent & Road Bike
When your last rode this route: 5/3/96

Any additional thoughts/comments: During the week I occasionally see executives and engineers from Borland using this loop for a break from the stress of their jobs. It takes about an hour if ridden briskly. I personally ride it all the time.

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