Morgantown, WV to Pittsburgh, PA
Name: Nick Hein


Route Type: Multi-Day Tour

Starting Point: Morgantown, WV

Starting cross-streets: High street, Pleasant street

Destination Point
: South Pittsburgh suburbs

Destination cross-streets: Montour Trail, Arrowhead Trail

Miles Estimated: 70 miles

Difficulty (Approx.): 8

Rating Explanation: big, steep hills, two-lane US highway, no paved shoulders

Cities along route:: Morgantown WV, Mt. Morris PA, Washington PA, McMurray/Hendersonville PA where you can pick up the Montour (West) or Arrowhead (East) rail-trail around the Pittsburgh Metro area. At the North end of the Montour trail you can continue along US19 all the way to Buffalo NY (but I haven't ridden that part.)

Misc. helpful tips: Hwy 100 from Morgantown to US 19 in Mt. Morris where it becomes the Pennsylvania "A" bike route. There is one diversion near Kirby to avoid a hill and from there it continues on 19.

Hill Profile: Difficult

Excess Traffic: Some heavy traffic during commuting hours. Coal trucks on Hwy 100 weekdays. US 19 parallels Interstate 79 and most motorized traffic uses that.

Roads: Road surfaces mostly in good condition

Shoulder: No paved shoulders. Some gravel shoulder for most of route

Bike Lanes: None

Sights to See: Every hilltop has a great view of the surrounding hills

Camping locations: None known

Lodging locations: None known

Shower locations: None known

Drinking water locations: Small towns every 10 miles or so. The route occaisionally crosses the Interstate at interchanges and there are usually stores at these locations also.

Food concessions: See above

Bicycle type:

Last time taken: July 2004

How often taken
: Once

Thoughts or comments: Work is underway to develop a rail trail from Morgantown to Connellsville, PA which will then lead into Pittsburgh from the East. Completion is several years away due to funding shortages.

Pennsylvania A route:
Pittsburgh Metro area rail-trails:
Sheepskin trail (under construction):