How 7Vibe Rated the
Bilenky Cycle Works Band
Hi Janet,

It was so nice to meet you and your band yesterday. I can't tell you how
impressed i was with you as a person and as an artist.

Wow, you guys definitely were the stars of the show. I told everyone that
you were the band at that show that is ready to go national anytime.
My band was like..."you mean they were better than us?" I told them honestly that we're not even in the same game yet. We will be, but not this year, maybe not next year either. Your sound is fully realized and ready for the big-time. I was mesmerized by you and the rest of the band...totally.

Please let me know when the CD will be out. I will definitely buy a copy
because i WANT to hear it. Not like a friend that might buy your CD as a
show of support or something, i want it for ME. I loved your songs, your
voice, and the whole band. Was the bass player really your daughter? That's hard to believe, except for when you kissed her on the forehead, i saw true love there. I wasn't sure what it meant, but there was no mistaking it.

You guys definitely had the cleanest most recognizable sound i've heard in a while. I enjoyed the whole band. I liked the guitar player, very original style, the drummer, intense concentration and accuracy, and the bass player (your daughter?), her playing was good and she had a definite stevie nicks kind of magnetism going on, and you, absolutely charismatic. Your voice is "Beautiful."

I'm a little tired now so i'm going to bed. I'll be glad to exchange gig
info and local music scene papers with you in the future. Just remember me when you hit the big time and give me back stage passes.

Your fan--JB