Cycle America 2000 Party
August 20, 2000

Wheels are turning on the pavement;
Wheels are turning in his head.
Gears are shifting in this Nation;
Complacency is dead!

They came pedaling, they came pumping
With one magnificent accord!!
Spoked wheels silently revolving
That their voices might be heard.

They were circling the Capitol
And dancing in the street!
There's a rhythm in the pavement!
Feel the power in the beat!!

Wheels are turning ...chains engaging.
Gears are shifting...rallies staging!
Like a wave that's slowly raging,,,
Hearts are turning ...minds are changing!

There's a movement 'cross the Nation
Enlisting riders from all stations...
Pedaling with anticipation...
Fueled by firm determination...
Filled with joy and pure elation.!!!

Feel the magic and the passion
As they ride in every fashion!
Feel the power and the passion
As they converge from every climb!

There's a growing revolution
Both of tires and of minds.
Come! Be part of the solution!
Feel the freedom! Now's the time!

In the s i l e n c e of w h e e l s t u r n i n g
Hear the magic! Feel the yearning!
Sense it's H U G E N E S S ; Spirits burning!
Feel your POWER deep inside!

Feel your P O W E R! Seize it! Cllaim it!
Don't deny it! J O I N the R I D E !

( A poem for Martin and the NBG
Gayle Michael)