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Martin Krieg's proposed bicycle map web site solves an important problem: showing cyclists the best way to get from point A to B.

Currently very few internet map services provide any cycling-specific information, and most that do are restricted to specific service areas.  Martin's ingenious idea is to get data directly from cyclists themselves, enabling the site to provide cycle-specific route data for any place on the planet.  His plan will make it easy and fun to enter favorite routes, and also protect users' privacy by avoiding exposure of their home address as an end-point of their routes. 

As a long-time car-free cyclist, I am really excited to see this web site get built.

It's high time for bike routes to be as easy to find on the web as driving directions.

Dave Hershberger
Former Google Engineer,
Car Free Cyclist & award winning Kinetic Sculpture Racer

Over a nine month period in 2007,  I took the Mayors' Ride season off to create a Google map interface that would build on the others that were beginning to spring up all over the web. The one I am now calling for  will  be bike and not car centric as it identifies the coast to coast network of bikeable roads and paths we call the National Bicycle Greenway 

Combining elements found in Facebook, Flickr, Wikipedia and Ebay, in a Web 2.0 way, the fully interactive Google map API (Application Program Interface) that I have most extensively mocked  will run like a game that also builds community. As it helps its users get known to one another based on the input they share, update and police, it will  give them a way to make decisions about what information is being offered and by whom.

In addition to calling attention to my new book, “How America Can Bike and Grow Rich”,  it is this mapping program that I am hopeful my ride from San Francisco to Bosotn will attract funding for.

If you would like to see the Power Point  I have devised, please contact me at

Martin Krieg, "Awake Again" Author
2009 Eagle HiWheel SF to Salt Lake City
2010 Eagle w/"How America Can Bike & Grow Rich"
'79 Upright & '86 Recumbent TransAmerica Bike Rides
Coma, Paralysis, Clinical Death Survivor 
NBG Founding Director

I wish I had your site and service before my previous trip;  will be useful to plan my next one.   Just one example, one of many.

Recently I was in Fort Lee NJ wanting to cross the George Washington Bridge and ride down the West side of Manhatten.   How to get from the hotel on Route 4 to the entrance to the bike path over the bridge?   I searched Google, asked the Holiday Inn staff, the police (they told me to ride illegally on Route 4), etc.  Finally figured it out but it too was far too long.  Suspect it would have been quick and easy with your service, especially if I searched from my cell phone or iPhone.

Locally one of the big annoyances to all cyclists are poorly paved and badly broken up streets.  Uncomfortable for urban riders and often dangerous.  It looks as though the tool you have developed makes it easy to report and remind local officials that bikers also use the road and need the paths.

As a final comment, the sharing of favorite routes will be a great addition to the community.   When the 'touring bug'  bites and the question of where to ride, other that the usual well worn routes, the site over time will become a fantastic resource of ideas and maybe a way for like minded riders to meet up.

Thanks so much for showing me your route planning site.

                                                  Jeff Gray, owner Internet Service Provider

NBG Books

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