Why Bio Diesel
Why we plan to use the above to haul the Busycle across the Nation next year
(all of which I will be following on an 1881 HiWheel)

These shots are taken of the Bio Diesel Bus (BDB) that genuine environmentalist, Woody Harrelson, used in his movie 'Go Further'. He used it as a sag on his bike tour down the Pacific Coast. There was a six or seven person crew on the bus to also support the lectures he did on sustainability. Here is the trailer from that movie. While there are other bio diesel options, none would be as powerful for getting our message out there as something similiar to this!

While we are hoping we can soon have a BDB to haul the Busycle around to SF Bay Area and Northern CA events, here is how it will benefit my 2009 SF to Boston Author Tour:

- It will run on WVO, waste vegetable oil (used cooking oil, "grease", fryer oil regularly discarded at restaurants). Talk about sustainability!!

- Boston Councillor, Felix Arroyo, a big proponent of bio diesel (Here is the podcast interview I did of Felix at Boston NBG Day) has pledged his support.

- Our BDB will be festooned with the words SF to Boston c/o National Bicycle Greenway. We hope to be able to commission my brother, Chris Krieg, for this. A much sought after muralist in the Denver, CO area, the epic work he does through his company, Evergreen Signs, can be found HERE.

- Our new Google Maps interface will be publicized on the bus as well

- The BDB will store my book's for my booksignings and the like

- I will be able to hold meetings and interviews that I do (for my Podcast shows) and those that are done of me (for the media), on the BDB

- Our BDB will have a place to shower and sleep at night for all of us

- Our BDB will keep our ride in the public eye as it will obviate the time and miles (often requiring that one leave town) wasted looking for camping and/or shower facilities

- Our BDB will give me a place to do yoga (I would be an invalid without my daily practice, even more so from riding on a HiWheel), meditate and escape from the welcome yet constant questioning my ride, bike and books will provoke

- Our BDB will be equipped with solar arrays so that fax machines and computers can alert the press along the way

- A satellite dish will allow our BDB bus to run high speed internet

- A traveling publicist will work full-time on our BDB while the tour takes place

- Our BDB bus will allow me to have my food needs met - one of the biggest hurdles to performance touring (and on the HiWheel, I will be working it)

- Our BDB will have a small bank of computers on board so that our crew of cyclists can upload their research about the roads that will be needed for the SF to Boston Greenway. This as they build our data base of contacts in each of the areas we will be passing thru.

- Based on my last two rides across the USA, to make them successful, I had to shift from office mode to survival mode where I was a diplomat, cartographer, ambassador, nutritionist, physical therapist, peace keeper, mechanic, athlete, camper and survivalist, etc. With our BDB, I will not have to wear as many hats and can do an infinitely better job (especially with help) of promoting the NBG

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