National Bicycle Greenway Send Off Party
June 4, 2000
Imagine pedaling with your own two legs
From west coast to east coast across many states
Arising each morning, riding into the sun
Sleeping under the stars when each day's ride is done
Not many imagine it, fewer have begun it
And far fewer still are those who have done it.

Pioneers left the east coast to settle the west
Putting courage and faith and dreams to the test
Carving pathways for those whose steps would fall after
Trading their tears for the next traveler's laughter.

Martin Krieg made the journey, a bike pioneer
Accepted the challenge but didn't stop there
A dreamer, a genius, a far sighted man
Envisioned a Greenway crossing this land.

Today was the Send Off - Today it begins
The Ride for the Greenway where magic begins
Music and food, a two-wheeled celebration
For the riders who'll be biking all summer vacation.

On August the 20th they'll converge on DC
Promoting the Greenway the Dreamer did see.

For the planet, the Greenway and all breathing things
God's speed to the Riders and Mercury's wings.

Gayle Michael