Mayor's Ride Checklist

Just as a guideline to what all the other cities did with us last year , here are some suggestions that will be helpful in preparation for rider send offs and/or arrivals:

1. Issue a media advisory re: date & time (usually done at noon on a weekday in front of city hall) of arrival of rider;

2. Set up a podium & microphone at the event site:

3. Arrange, if possible, a police escort (bike police or
motorcycle) for the last few blocks leading to the event site;

4. Notify bike clubs in your city to join the riders as they meet the Mayor;

5. Issue the proclamation from the Mayor that we can suggest a draft for. Here is our very first one ; and

6. Have a digital camera available to record the event and send to
                   the NBG for inclusion on the national website


From: "Fischer, Ro" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003

I would like to add to the list a few things that I wish we had done here in Pittsburgh and would definitely improve the reception:

If at all possible, the host city and/or local bike club could make sure that the riders  have provisions for lunch (hopefully donated from local businesses or pizza shops, etc.), have access to water, etc.,  

Having a digital camera is essential but, in addition, if a person in each city could volunteer to camcord the bikes riding into town and the ensuing welcome from the town official, mini-interviews with the bike riders introducing themselves, etc.   This could then be sent to the NBG to be edited into a complete collection of  the NBG Mayors' Ride 2003.

Do you think the Bike Clubs could have someone willing to record the evening news if their local news has covered the greeting to the riders?.