The NBG - Pocket Mail Program

An NBG2000 Necessity
The PocketMail device will be one of the tools you can use to interface with the home office. you might like to set up for the ride you do with us next summer Also because of PocketMail, we will be tracking all of those of you who use it -- we will post your reports from the road, whether you travel alone or in a group, to a, a separate "Ride Reports: web page.

In such a way, if someone wants to follow your progress or just check up on you, all they have to do is look you up at the above site.. What's more is that as all of this excitement comes over the transom to us here at NBG Central on a daily basis, we will be making your stories a part of the daily news feed that the nation's press will be regularly accessing.

We suggest you start practicing with PocketMail now! So, in order to get instantaneous email access even before you leave for your ride all the way through it in and in all of the years that follow, there is no better way than with Pocket Mail. And National Bicycle Greenway riders as well as all friends and associates of the NBG can now outfit themselves with the same amazing pocket sized email device that NBG Advance Scouts, Scot Colburn and Andy Parker have used with great success on their rides at a greatly reduced rate.

The NBG/PocketMail Special Offer:

One Pocket Mail device (made by Sharp and a $149 value) and one free year of service (value $120) valued at $270 for a one time charge of


After the year is up, the device is yours to keep and you still have the option of paying just $9.95 a month to stay connected!

To take advantage of this special offer contact Pocket Mail by phone: 877-362-4543.

Or visit the NBG-Pocket Mail Promo web:

The code you will need to use for purchase is:


Note: We've run two successful scouting tours with them. And they are reliable ad the batteries last forever. As for off tour use: No more scraps of paper everywhere. When I'm out of the office. I don't have to dig for a piece of paper and a pen. And then once I've logged a phone number or an idea, off it goes to my computer via an 800 # when I am ready to offload. We've got a small village of cyclists using theirs in their TransAms to DC ( Their reports are at this site,

Martin Krieg

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