Boston Biking 2005
# of bike lane miles -0-
# of off road trail miles See Mass Bike Listing
# Bike Racks ~150
Bike Coordinator? No, relies on state bike coordinator Josh Lehman
Bike Maps? Private Contractor: Andy Rubel Bike Maps
Hazard Report Form? City web site has pothole reporting mechanism
# of bike rack equipped buses 2%
Bikes on Trains? - Trolley (also called Greenline) -- No
- Subway which services 10 mile range (restricted hours) - Yes
- Commuter Rail 30 mile range (restricted hours) - Yes
# Bike shops 183 in state, 9 that partner with Mass bike in Boston proper
% of trips by bike? 9% in Boston, .4% statewide (38% increase from 90 to 2000). Source: 2000 census
Bike to Work Day? Bike to Work Week
# Colleges 57 colleges. 1 in 10 Bostonians is a college student. Largest concentration of college students (~250.000 in metro Boston) in US
# of Rain/snow days approximately 127
# of days below 45 degrees 97 days where the minimum temperature never exceeds freezing
Recycled Bike Program? Bikes Not Bombs,Mass Bike
Bike bridges? no
Bike undercrossings? no
Ctty Bike Repair? no
Population 600 K Boston, 2.5 million greater Boston
Planned n/a
Local Bike Activist Organizations? Mass Bike, Bikes Not Bombs, Boston Bicycle Planning Initiative
Your Name and Title or Organization? Dorie Clark, CEO Mass Bike
Bike path along the Ashmont-Mattapan High-Speed Line extension of the Red Line. This is part of the Neponset River Greenway
The Minute Man Trail

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