Boulder Biking
# of bike lane miles 192 miles on-street bike lane built
110 additional miles on-street bike lane proposed
# of off road trail miles 151 miles off road paths built
64 additional miles off-road paths proposed
# Bike Racks Too many too count. All schools, libraries, transit stations (and many bus stops), recreation centers, government buildings, and most retail centers, office buildings and public spaces/parks have bike parking racks or lockers. see bike parking brochure attached regarding local ordinances on providing bike parking.
Bike Coordinator? Yes See Below
Bike Maps? A city-wide Bike map is updated and printed for general distribution every two or three years.  We print a wallet-size edition that is free of charge and a full-size edition that is available for a cost of $3 (including tax).  The back side of each map provides text on the rules governing bikes on sidewalk. You may view the full-edition online at 
Hazard Report Form? Online
# of bike rack equipped buses All buses in the Regional Transportation District are equipped to carry two bikes on the front.  Regional buses also allow storage of bikes in the luggage compartment.
Bikes on Trains? We don’t have a passenger train that services Boulder. But, here are details on the new Bike & Ride Pilot Program for the Denver Metro Region: From June 20 – September 30, 2005, you can bring your bike onto light rail at all hours…even rush hours!  You must have a light rail bike permit and valid ticket or pass to take your bike on light rail.  You can get your FREE permit at the RTD web site, RTD’s Market Street Station or Civic Center Station.  For more info visit at “Special Rides” or call 303.299.6000.
# Bike shops There currently are 11 bike shops in Boulder.

Bicycle Village – Store
2100 28th Street

Boulder Bikesmith
Jon Stabile
2432 Arapahoe Avenue

Boulder Sports Recycler
1715 15th Street

Cutting Edge Sport
Dave Owner
2626 Baseline Road

Excell Sports
Tim Preston
2045 32nd Street

Full Cycle
Kevin Kelly
1211 13th Street

Performance Inc.
Steve LaGoff

Pro Peloton
Jack Turner
2615 13th Street

REI - Boulder
Rich Meyer
1789 28th Street

Sports Garage
Chris Jacobson
2705 B Spruce Street

Superfly Cycles
Chuck Panaccione Owner
932 Poplar Place

University Bikes

Sean Bragstad

% of trips by bike? 21 % of commute to work trips are completed by bike, 
14% of all trips are completed by bike
Bike to Work Day? Yes. Arguably host to fthe first in the nation
# Colleges CU-Boulder
Naropa University
Front Range Community College (in Longmont, Boulder County)
# of Rain/snow days Boulder generally boasts 300 days of sunshine. So, that would mean 65 days of rain/snow.
# of days below 45 degrees We experience approximately 90 days/year where the average high is less than 45 degrees. Source:
Recycled Bike Program? n.a
Bike bridges? Boulder does not have major waterways that impede bike travel (like the Hudson River in NYC or the Bay in San Francisco).  But, we do have several creeks, which provide a unique opportunity to provide trails and hence bike bridges.
2 highway overpasses built
67 bike/pedestrian bridges over creeks/roadways built
31 additional bike/pedestrian bridges proposed
Bike undercrossings? 68 underpasses built
57 additional underpasses proposed
Bike Boulevards? No, but we recently began installing “sharrows” on our bike routes that are along arterial and collector streets. To see the press release with picture examples visit:
Ctty Bike Repair? n.a
Population 101,400 people
Planned The 2005 Transportation Development Fund Capital Improvements Program is $4,595,000. The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) has been developed within the context of the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) and the TMP prioritization with the identified modal emphasis. The plan goals and priorities were used in allocating funds and prioritizing projects. A total of 1.9 or over 40% of these 2005 funds are dedicated to bicycle capital improvements. Specific projects include:

Broadway Bikelanes (Iris to Norwood) – The project will add on-street bike lanes on both sides of Broadway from Iris Avenue to Linden Avenue and a climbing lane from Linden Avenue to Norwood Avenue to connect the existing on-street lanes on Broadway north of Norwood Avenue to the Iris Avenue on-street bike lanes. The project will move existing curbs, replace sidewalks and consolidate driveway access where possible. Funding for the project will be provided through city and federal sources (50% city, 50% Federal).

Arapahoe Avenue / Foothills Parkway Intersection – Arapahoe and Foothills is the intersection of two major arterials and state highways. This project will implement the results of the recent technical study of alternatives to address the existing safety issues of the intersection and improve its operating efficiency for automobiles transit, bicycles and pedestrians. The project will construct bicycle/pedestrian underpass on east leg of intersection. Total funding for the project will be provided through the city, state and federal sources (25% city, 25% CDOT, 50% Federal).

30th St Bike lanes: Arapahoe to Pearl - During the development of the Bike System Plan as part of the Transportation Master Plan, constructing bike lanes on the stretch of 30th Street from Arapahoe to Pearl was identified as a high priority bike system need. Currently on-street bike lanes exist on 30th St. from the Diagonal Highway to Pearl and from Arapahoe to Baseline. This project will complete an important on-street facility missing link by constructing on-street bike lanes on 30th between Arapahoe to Pearl. Funding will be provided by the City (50%) and federal sources (50%) beginning in 2006.

28th Street from Baseline Road to Iris Avenue is identified as the top priority corridor in the city’s multi-modal grid. Improvements include construction of a multi-use path and shared bus-bike lane facilities. Implementation of the 28th Street Project continues to be the highest priority of the Capital Improvements Program. South segment (Hello Boulder) funding of $4.3M (includes $1.1M in TEA-21 funding) was programmed in 2002 and 2004. The public input, design and approval process is complete for the north segment (Service City) with the middle segment (New Town) to follow. Funding for the north segment of $9.3M (includes $3.8M in TEA-21 funding) was programmed starting in 2004. Beginning in 2005, funding reflecting growth related aspects of the project has been shifted from the Transportation Fund to the Transportation Development Fund.

The city of Boulder suggested and co-authored a research proposal was awarded $85,000 in research funds by the Colorado Department of Transportation to their Division of Transportation Development to study bike and pedestrian crash experience. We are now on the research team and will assist to guide the project to fruition. The premise of this study is that crashes involving bicyclists and pedestrians are similar in characteristics including type and cause. Using available data and existing analysis tools, the study will conduct a corridor specific approach along state highways within local and/or county jurisdictional boundaries to identify potential trends based on patterns in crash types and causes. By identifying common causal factors of bicycle and pedestrian crashes this study will help planning and design efforts to provide safer intersections and corridors for use by pedestrians and bicyclists. The study also may develop recommendations to improve state-wide, county and local data recording of bicycle and pedestrian crash factors.

In early March, 2005 The Denver Regional Council of governments awarded the city of Boulder CMAQ grants (FY06 - 07) to develop “BikeQwest” web-based routing application and to develop a personalized marketing pilot program.

The BikeQuest project is a $140,000 program that will develop a customized, interactive web application allowing the general public to query and access City of Boulder bike routing information in a convenient and useful manner. The application would provide real time bike routing information, distance and caloric effort through the Web. It will also display additional geographic bike related data such as bike parking, bike rental facilities, bike shops and end of trip facilities such as showers and lockers. The application will utilize an interactive Geographic Information System ArcIMS interface with dynamic links to other bike information web pages and web-based resources. This program will reduce motor vehicle miles traveled by increasing bicycle mode share of commuting trips and everyday activities, will change lifestyles and habits by promoting active living and encourage biking as a viable transportation option.

The Individualized Marketing program has a total project budget of $180,000 and will bring all of our transportation options and TDM programs together. This campaign is designed to help us better achieve our goal of no overall growth in VMT. Individualized marketing is a new outreach program originally developed in Perth, Australia that successfully informs, motivates, facilitates and empowers individuals to voluntarily change their transportation behaviors. The key elements of an individualized marketing campaign are to make personal contact with all target households (600 homes, 1400 people); motivate the households to think about transportation behavior; and inform the households about the transportation options available to them.
At the suggestion of LAB, we plan to solicit interest from local organizations to manage our Ambassador Program. We are confident that a pilot program to establish a volunteer-based educators comprised of their memberships and the general public will reinvigorate this program.

Local Bike Activist Organizations? n.a
Bike Police? The Boulder Police Department employees approximately 14-15 bicycle certified police officers. Routine shifts include the deployment of bicycle patrol officers to our downtown (4 officers) and Hill (8 officers) retail districts. Approx. 2-3 bike certified officers are deployed during the watch 2 and 3 shifts.
Your Name and Title or Organization? Marni Ratzel
Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner
GO Boulder/city of Boulder
Tel: 303-441-4138
Boulder Area Pedestrian & Bicycle Organizations
  • Bicycle Colorado
    To encourage and promote bicycling, increase safety, improve conditions, and provide a voice for cyclists in Colorado.
    Dan Grunig, Executive Director
    Union Station, 1701 Wynkoop Street, Suite 236
    Denver CO 80202
    T: 3034171544
    F: 3038254038

  • Bike Interlocken
    Promoting the development of safe, uninterrupted, and convenient bicycle corridors in the northwest Denver metro area
    Michael Evans,

  • Boulder Triathlon Club
    Our goal is to provide Triathletes, of all levels and abilities, with training partners, a team atmosphere, sponsorship benefits, training programs, events and advice to help our members reach their GOALS.
    P.O. Box 3691
    Boulder CO 80307

  • Boulder Area Trails Coalition (BATCO)
    Help Preserve, Create, and Enhance Environmentally Responsible Trails Systems and Boulder County
    Eric Vogalsberg,
    1345 A Bear Mountain Drive
    Boulder CO 80304
    T: 3034948586

  • Boulder Bicycle Commuters
    Advocating for safe and convenient bicycle facilities and fair laws for bicyclists.
    Kurt Johnson, Vice Chair
    3239 9th Street
    Boulder CO 80304
    T: 3035430211

  • Boulder Cruiser Club
    NO Lycra, No Spandex! Cruise every Thursday night! Meet at the Sports Garage, 27th and Spruce Street at 7pm.

  • Boulder Cycling
    a portal beaming with information pertaining to the cycling community in and around Boulder, Colorado. Everything from ride descriptions to events, editorials to tips, clubs to grass roots racing and links to about every cycling and outdoors company on the planet. Join our club and don't forget to get out and ride.
    Mike Moore, President
    2770 Arapahoe Road
    Lafayette CO 80026

  • Boulder Ebikes
    Scott Allman,
    T: 3036417714

  • Boulder Masters Cycling Team
    a men's competetive bicycle racing team based in Boulder Colorado. Team membership is by invitation only.
    Bill Coffin,
    PO Box 3118
    Idaho Springs CO 80452
    T: 3035674901

  • Boulder Off-Road Alliance
    To serve as a positive voice for Mountain Biking by making the trails in Boulder County a better place for all users.
    Adam Massey, Interim Executive Director
    PO Box 4954
    Boulder CO 803064954
    T: 3036672467

  • Boulder Racing
    Organizing cyclecross, mountain bike and road race events

  • Boulder Seniors on Bikes
    Marion Gately,
    2431 Mapleton Ave.
    Boulder CO 80304
    T: 3034437623

  • Colorado on the Move
    Colorado On the Move is a fun and easy program that can help you increase your levels of physical activity – without changing much of what you do every day.

  • International Mountain Biking Association
    Bringing out the best in mountain biking since 1988.
    Heather Szabo, Events Coordinator
    PO Box 7578
    Boulder CO 80306
    T: 3035459011

  • Single Track Sistahs
    Offering a fun, supportive and non-competitive environment for women and promotes self-confidence through mountain biking and friendships.
    Pito Proslansky, Co-Founder

  • StorageTek Cycling Club
    Corporate cycling club promoting cycling safety and recreation to our employees
    John Buxman,
    One StrageTek Drive
    Louisville CO 80028
  • Swift Cycling
    Organizing weekly cyclecross and road rides and race training events
    Stephen Haydel, President
    3077 29th Street Apt 103
    Boulder CO 80301

  • Walk Boulder
    To provide a voice for pedestrians while working to encourage and promote walking in the city of Boulder and in the county. To protect the safety of pedestrians by working to improve conditions for walking on sidewalks, paths, and trails.
    Charlotte Sorenson, Chairperson
    T: 3034406955
    F: 3034409752

  • YMCA Boulder Yalley / Y-Riders
    A teen program that helps develop all aspects of cycling in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.
    George Sharman,
    2850 Mapleton Avenue
    Boulder CO 80301
    T: 3034434474
    F: 3034422779

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