Palo Alto Biking
# of bike lane miles 26 miles existing, plus an additional 30 miles proposed in Bicycle Transportation Plan.
# of off road trail miles 9 miles existing, plus an additional 5 miles proposed in Bicycle Transportation Plan.
# Bike Racks Many hundreds. Bike racks are installed at all City facilities, Caltrain stations, in the Downtown, California and Midtown shopping districts. Since 1978, the Palo Alto Zoning Ordinance has required private developers to install bike racks at all new commercial projects equal to approximately 10% of vehicle parking, so most of the commercial developments also provide on-site bike parking. In 1999, Palo Alto opened the first Bikestation on the Caltrain line at the Palo Alto Caltrain station, with free, valet bicycle parking, bicycle servicing and amenities (closed 2005 for remodeling, ed).
Bike Coordinator? Bike Coordinator responsibilities are shared between Transportation Projects Manager and Transportation System Management (TSM) Coordinator positions.
Bike Maps?
A new Mid-Peninsula Bike Route map was jointly produced in late 2004 by Palo Alto, Stanford University, and the adjacent cities of Menlo Park and East Palo Alto. See
Hazard Report Form? Yes. See online report form
# of bike rack equipped buses All Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), San Mateo County Transit District (Samtrans) and Dumbarton Express buses are equipped with bike racks.
Bikes on Trains? Caltrain allows 16-32 bikes on all trains
# Bike shops 5
% of trips by bike? The 2000 Census indicated that 5.6% of Palo Alto residents commute to work by bicycle. The 2003 Palo Alto Bicycle Transportation Plan estimated that 4.4% of all daily trips in Palo Alto were by bicycle and that the mode split would increase to 8.6% bike trips in the future with the implementation of the recommended bikeway improvements.
Bike to Work Day? Palo Alto sponsors 4 energizer stations on Bike to Work Day and heavily promotes Bike Week.
# Colleges Foothill College satellite campus is located in Palo Alto. Stanford University is located in the adjacent unincorporated area of Santa Clara County. (92% of Stanford students travel on campus by bike, ed)
# of Rain/snow days Avg rainfall 15 inches
Ave Temp. Range 37-78 degrees
Recycled Bike Program? The Major Taylor Cycling Club in East Palo Alto sponsors a bicycle donation program for disadvantaged youth.
Bike bridges? Yes, 11: Baylands bike trail (3 bridges), Highway 101 overpass (1), Matadero Creek (1), Adobe Creek (3), San Francisquito Creek (3)
Bike undercrossings? Yes, 3: California Avenue/Caltrain, Homer Avenue/Caltrain, and Adobe Creek/Hwy
Bike Boulevards? Yes, Bryant Street Bicycle Boulevard established in 1982.
Maybell and Park Blvd. bike boulevards to be implemented in 2005
Bicycle Transportation Plan calls for a total of 7 bicycle boulevards.
Ctty Bike Repair? no
Population 61,000
Planned Implementation of Maybell Avenue and Park Blvd. bike boulevards.
Local Bike Activist Organizations? Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition
Awards League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly Community 2004 Ranking
Awarded Gold Level in 2003, just renewed at Gold Level for 2005-2007
Your Name and Title or Organization? Gayle Likens, Transportation Projects Manager
City of Palo Alto
P.O. Box 10250
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Phone: 650-329-2136
Bryant St Bike Br. Connecting Menlo Park
Homer St Bike Tunnel connecting downtown w/Stanford
Wilkie Way Bridge 1975 dedication
Wilkie Way Bridge connecting to Mtn View
Sand HIll Bike Friendly Sign

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