Palo Alto Bike Routes

Palo Alto Virtual Tour by Cycle America - National Bicycle Greenway
Great way for your out of town visitors to see what Palo Alto looks like from a bike. Also a great way for business travelers to stretch their legs.

Palo Alto Baylands

Bike Blvd to Oakland Airpprt
at Oregon Expwy via the Dumbarton Bridge

Baylands to Google, Shoreline Ampitheatre & Mitchell Park
This is an alternate route to get to the Baylands trails for when tunnel under 101 is closed

City Hall to Allied Arts
See Via Homer St bike tunnel

City Hall to California Ave business district
Via Homer St bike tunnel

City Hall to California Ave business district 2
Via California Ave bike tunnel

City Hall to Menlo Park business district
Via Bryant St Bike Bridge

City Hall to Menlo Park Business District 2
(Via Bridge at Palo Alto Tall Tree)

City Hall to San Francisco City Hall
Non hilly route (until you reach San Francisco)

City Hall to San Jose City Hall
This is a pleasant ride that travels thru mostly lightly traveled streets

Mitchell Park to Fremont Thornton Ave
Via Dumbarton Bridge - makes use of Hwy 101 bicycle overpass

Mitchell Park to Los Altos downtown
Via Wilkie St Bike Bridge

Mitchell Park to Mountain View train stations/business district
Uses Alma/Central Expwy for short distance

Mitchell Park to Post Office
Park Ave is a good bike road to Cal Ave PO

Mitchell Park to San Antonio Shopping center
Via Wilkie St Bike Bridge

Mitchell Park to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Using Old La Honda Road

Mitchell Park to Baylands Recreation Trails
Route makes use of the creek underpass that goes under Hwy 101. This underpass is closed from 10/15 to 4/15 every year :(

Mitchell Park to Stanford University
Along Park Blvd which has several traffic calming measures that make it a pleasant biking street

Mitchell Park to Stanford University
To main entrance on University at Palm Drive x

Peers Park to Union City BART
Uses bike path at Churchill - Homer St bike tunnel - Dumbarton Bridge - Ardenwood path

Mitchell Park to San Jose Airport
De La Cruz section to airport not ridden by author

Podcast Tour

Bryant St. (Ellen Fletcher Bike Blvd) (27:02)
E. Meadow to University - 2.8 miles
(As the Nation's first Bike Boulevard, this important arterial
continues on for 1/2 mile to the San Francisquito Creek
bike bridge which travels into the city of Menlo Park)

(click to enlarge)
Ellen Fletcher, a Holcaust survivor amd one of America's first bike activists TALKS about
how the Bike Blvd got named after her as well some of the work she did in Palo Alto, CA that helped it to become known as one the top bike cities in the Nation. She stopped for the picture you you see here as she was pedaling her trailer across the Willkie bike bridge.


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