Salt Lake City Biking
# of bike lane miles 53 miles of roadway with bike lanes
# of off road trail miles 48 miles
# Bike Racks 200+
Bike Coordinator? Yes. One of the city’s Transportation Engineers is assigned to address bicycle and pedestrian issues.
Bike Maps? Yes. The map is updated about every three years:
Hazard Report Form? Yes. See:
# of bike rack equipped buses All city buses are equipped with bike racks.
Bikes on Trains? Yes
# Bike shops 9
% of trips by bike? Unknown
Bike to Work Day? Yes
# Colleges 6
# of Rain/snow days Average snowfall 61 inches
Average rainfall 16 inches See:
# of days below 45 degrees many
Recycled Bike Program? Yes, run by the Salt Lake City Bike Collective:
Bike bridges? Ten bridges on the Jordan River Parkway Trail within Salt Lake City:

Two bridges on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail within Salt Lake City:
Bike undercrossings? One undercrossing on the Jordan River Parkway Trail at 2100 South.
Bike Boulevards? no
Population According to the year 2000 census data: 181,743
Planned Our bike map currently shows 127 miles of proposed bike routes within the city including a combination of on and off-road routes. Our plan is to continue to address each of the routes to determine how we can make each one safer or usable for bicyclists.
Local Bike Activist Organizations?
Your Name and Title or Organization? Dan Bergenthal
Transportation Engineer
Salt Lake City Transportation Division

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