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Pete Pensyres
and how he trained on the Lighting Recumbent
for his legendary speed successes on an upright bike

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We went to, of all places, Lincoln, Nebraska, to talk with, Denny LaDue, an engineer/machinist who has been building and selling recumbent bicycles for over two decades. Among a lot of other exciting things, we learned that he sells plans for a delta trike and for a for a recumbent LWB that will go over 50 mph! And you can build it for less than $200 Hear the Podcast!
Having chosen to focus our energy on the American side of the Atlantic with our International Mayors’ Ride because of all the change taking place over here in Ireland this last summer in local government, local historian, Ernie Sweeney saved the day. A clairvoyant healer who didn’t learn how to read until he was in his twenties, with his photographic memory, Ernie helped us build a solid foundation for the genuinely public Tour de Castlebar we hope to do next year. Hear the Podcast!
Andrew Montague, a Dublin, Ireland city councillor and formerly its Mayor, who authored the most successful city bike share program in Europe and maybe the world, took some time to talk with us last week. Listen to see if you don’t agree that this loving man is probably the most powerful bike activist on the planet.

From a 60-pound overweight, non-cyclist smoker, Dennis Johnson purchased a Bacchetta Recumbent Bicycle in 2005 and nine years later, used his fierce competetive nature to become the fastest American to finish the world’s toughest bike race, the 2014 Race Across America. All this as he and his wife adopted a Chinese girl who is now seven. Learn more, in the podcast HERE, about what makes this man burn  and the extremely smart race his 11-person crew, led by Kellie Moylan, helped him to win. Oh, and by the way, Dennis also won the over 60-year-old division too. Dennis is only 61 years old!!

We just had the honor of finding out what makes one of America’s most loved recumbent bicycle minds  tick. Through Coventry Cycle Works, Marilyn Hayward (RIP Nov 2014) is gaining widespread acceptance for the supine position in the Pacific Northwest. In the words ahead, you will hear some of the near insurmountable obstacles she has had to overcome on her way to also becoming so widely revered.

From her home in Lumberton, North Carolina, Maria Parker, a mother of four young adults, talked to us about a race  she is doing across America for her sister who has terminal brain cancer. Called  RAAM, it is the worlds toughest bike race, far more challenging than the Tour de France. Just qualifying for it, much less finishing it, is a challenge of unspeakable proportion.

Nor is Maria  doing this for fame or for the bike company (Cruzbike) she owns with her husband, Jim, and a partner. In the words ahead, you'll hear from a woman much humbled by the challenge she has ahead of her and by a sister who maintains her optimism for others despite the illness that has overcome her.

We traveled by phone from Ireland to the offices of Sacramento Bike Coordinator, Ed Cox, a former architect  who has played a big part in shaping the way people move about in his state capital city. In the words ahead you will hear the impact he has had not only on Sacramento but the region and the entire state of California..
Hear the Power of Relationships - Rapid Transit Chicago Style
I was finally able to lock two dynamic powerhouses down to one place at one time so I can now show you why I am so excited about what I have learned about them over the course of our 15 years of business dealings. Far more than selling bikes, they will help you see, in the words ahead, how it has been nurturing the relationships that result that has so deeply endeared their Rapid Transit Cycles shop to the Chicago bicycle landscape. Ladies and gentleman, I present long time NBG supporters, the amazing husband and wife team of Chris Stoddard and Justyna Frank.


Rod Miner - From Bikes for Amputees to the Lightfoot Cycles Miracle - We spent some time visiting with a new sponsor of our ride and the man who used to build bikes for third world victims of  land mine explosions. Rod Miner of Lightfoot Cycles, one of this nation's greatest bike builders, thanks to the Internet has been able to keep the purity of his purpose  alive. From a tiny Montana town of 1500 people Rod has been able to flourish in satisfying his goal of supplying  people all over America and the world with  transportation that is in his words, 'reliable, highly efficient and highly capable'.


We traveled to what we feel is a perfect world example of  how the National Bicycle Greenway  can take advantage of  the geographical assets each region all across the United States has to offer to increase the well being of all those who use it as well as those who live and work nearby. While it takes a region wide community of people from many walks of life to manage the 37+ mile American River Parkway jewel set at the base of the Sierras, we found three authoritative voices who have had decades of  experience with it on many levels. In the words ahead, you can HEAR what  Folsom Recreation Manger, Lynn Lepage, Folsom Water Works Operator, Daryl Pearson and Folsom Trails Director, Jim Konopka, have to say about the true bicycle treasure they get to enjoy on a daily basis.


We traveled to southern California to talk to the people who make what my long distance bike rides across America are now proving to me is indeed Grade A, Rocket Fuel. In all the training I have been doing that will soon get me and the 1891 Eagle HiWheel across America, I have found what I know will soon become the cyclist's best friend, one of my ride's main sponsors, Sunfood!!  You may want to pull your notebooks out as Brian Bowers and Chris Ochs at Sunfood teach those of us interested in high performance living how we can eat better. And how we can do so with the amazing foods they have been introducing to people all over the world for well over a decade. 


as we have great fun with Peter Stull at his bike shop in Alfred Station, NY.  In the words ahead you will hear how Peter wanted to be a bike shop owner from the time he was 11 years old. And about Willy, the harmonica player pictured in the slide show, who inadvertently helped him make his dream real. Along the way, Peter will also tell you about the odds he overcame to become the owner of one of the Nation's biggest recumbent dealers, the Bicycle Man,  as well as the  manufacturer of the Linear Recumbent!


We visited with one of the longest serving business in Palo Alto, CA. Located on its real Bike Boulevard, Park Ave, Park Automotive has been led by a brilliant businessman/mechanic since 1977. Listen as Don Armstrong tells us how Palo Alto and the automotive industry both have changed in the birthplace of the Silicon Valley over the last three decades. As you listen, bear in mind that as one of our NBG sponsors, Don's support had been crucial for which we are extremely grateful. In 2010, he gave  the 40 foot  bus we had planned to use to get the Busycle  to the East Coast as it supported my ride across the USA on the Eagle.


We visited with Tim Brummer, the former aerospace engineer who builds bikes so fast that even a middle of the pack roadie can blow the doors off a fully juiced Lance Armstrong on one. In his quest to go even faster, you will hear why his company, Lightning Bikes, supports the National Bicycle Greenway  and our upcoming ride across the US .


We went to the Southern California desert to talk to a new sponsor for our Eagle / Busycle Mayors' Ride from San Jose/San Francisco to DC. Indeed you will take inspiration from Kirk Newell, a bike shop owner who has used tragedy to move mountains with his actions in a way all of us can take example from.

To Listen..

We just remastered this sound file from my 2009  Eagle visit to Salt Lake City. It is an iPhone recording Martin Krieg did with recumbent cyclist,
Greg Parker, pictured below,  in Elko, NV, home of the largest gold mine in the USA and 2nd largest in the entire world!


Jason Reser (in the right in the picture at left)
talks about his excitement for getting people into biking and keeping them on their bikes through his shop Reser Bicycle Outfiters across the river from Cincinnati OH


Ron Bishop, a bike activist in Oakland CA talks about the beauty of bicycling in his San Francisco Bay Area City as well as his Car Free life style and his work as a green architect.

RIP 12/11/11


Jack Baker, S&B Recumbents, Interviewed!

RIP 7/2011

Hear the amazing story behind the oldest recumbent in the marketplace as told by the gentle Jack Baker of S&B Recumbents who also specializes in building custom recumbents for those with special needs!!


Celebrated San Francisco cyclists
Author, TV commentator, public speaker, radio news producer, and jazz-trained vocalist, judy b. talks about how Critical Mass introduced her to her cycling way of life.

Chris Carlsson, Longtime, SF Cycling icon: "One of the original founders of Critical Mass - editor, "Critical Mass: Bicycling's Defiant Celebration" SF Historical bike tour leader Speaks!
Andy Thornley, SFBC former Program Director, once a qualified and knowledgeable presence at the SFBC, as you will soon hear, his understanding of the bicycle streets of San Francisco also runs very deep.
See MIT grad, former Oracle engineer & former SFBC Operations Director, Frank Chan, pedal SF's steepest hills Listen to him talk about SF & bicycling.
Swiss-born and Car Free all of her life, Mona Caron has been biking to her work as an illustrator and muralist in San Francisco since 1996. Hear how she makes it work on a bike.
Leah Shahum SFBC Director San Francisco Bike Coalition Director (SFBC), talks about cycling in her city and how her organization has grown to meet the many challenges facing San Francisco bike riders.
National Bicycle Greenway director, Martin Krieg, spent some time talking to five different people who work in San Francisco as professional bike messengers. He set out to learn more about an occupation that few people know very much about. Hopefully you will go away with a better understanding of how what looks like glory and fun to some is a lot like any other kind of work where responsibility, discipline, patience and people skills are important keys to success.

Chris 14:51 | Jody 10:57 | Lon 10:03 | Shark (pictured at left) 14:42 | Wendy 12:01

Here the week before our 5th Annual National Mayors' Ride begins in Boston we spent some time on the phone there with fascinating recycling artist Matthew Mazzotta. Matthew is the main driving force behind the amazing 15-person Busycle that will be touring the San Francisco Bay Area with us this July where this year's campaign ends. Listen


We visited Frank Cownie, who as the Mayor of Des Moines, Iowa, sees the bicycle as an important part of the sustainable practices that he is so committed to there in the center of the United State. LISTEN to this fun man as he tells us why his city is truly one of America's best kept secrets.


Ellen Fletcher
, a Holcaust survivor and one of America's first bike activists TALKS about some of the work she did in Palo Alto, CA that helped it to become known as one the top bike cities in the Nation. She stopped for the picture you you see here as she was pedaling a trailer across the Wilkie bike bridge.


RIP 11-7-12

A couple of days after he took the keys to the Easy Racer factory, we spoke with Fast Freddy Markham, a man who has broken innumerable speed records both on uprights and on a bike made by one of the early pioneers of the modern day recumbent movement, a man who recently passed away, the legendary Gardner Martin. And as fate would have it, the company Gardner built, Easy Racers is now owned by the man who made the Easy Racer name synonymous with speed. Here is Part ONE of our two part interview. Here is Part TWO!


Yesterday, we completed our long scheduled interview with a man who has had more to do with making it fun for humans to move about than any man alive today. It's no small wonder that he got his beginning selling plans for what was arguably the first recumbent bicycle since they got banned from racing in 1934. Laugh with us as we TALK with Robert Q. Riley, a man whose life is so huge it could fill an entire set of encyclopedias.


See the training for
his ride to Iran
Last week, we visited with a a true living legend at his
Golden, Colorado. Steve Stevens who you will soon hear about, shattered the world record for his year 2000 solo crossing of the US on a HiWheel bicycle. From the 19th century, his machine not only does not have gears but he was unable to coast any measure of that epic ride. Besides our discussion of that ride and his other HiWheel exploits, we also TALK about his next challenge, his three year journey around the rest of the world. Soon he leaves on the first stage of that adventure: England to Iran!


Melanie Visuzzi
of Free Form Fashion

Speaks about the body socks and other apparel she makes for bikes and cyclists

Former Bike Threads owner and longtime NBG Volunteer and supporter and bike club officer, Scott Campbell, who rode from Boston to San Francisco as a part of our 5th Annual National Mayors' Ride TELLS us about his past and how he came to want to pedal across the Ñation.


Gene Smith the man behind the widely revered name
Kool Stop International, TELLS us about his 55 years in the bike business and the patented brake pad his company makes which is in demand all over the world. He also tells us about their quality center pull bike trailers that outperform the competition both in use and when they are sold in the used marketplace.


Jack Castor, former engineer, TransAmerica HiWheel legend, survivor of internet famous Jack's Crash , and present day collector of antique bicycles and bike memorabilia as well as vintage and racing automobiles TALKS about his collection, his coast to coast crossing and the spectacular bike accident he survived.

RIP - Nov 2014

Randy Schlitter, one of the pioneers of the present day recumbent movement, a man who among other things, under the company name, Rans, manufactures both bicycles and airplanes, TALKS about the products he manufactures, the Sail Trike that got it all started back in the '70's and even the book he is writing that also has the capacity to provoke another whole new way of thinking.


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