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Martin Krieg, took Cal Train, from Palo Alto to San Francisco yesterday, a Friday at 4:11 PM. The most heavily used bike commuter train in the nation., it is a work station library for many, and on this ride a low key Friday nite party for a few others, Cal Train with a bike is truly a fun experience and you will hear that in the voices of the five bike riders he spoke with. Nor does all the noise you will soon hear seem anywhere near as loud as when you are actually in transit.


At Boston NBG Day w/Jim Muellner & Scott Camppbell
We spent some time on the phone with the first Latino ever elected to the Boston City Council, Felix Arroyo. The council's strongest environmental advocate, Felix touches on his early beginnings in Puerto Rico, his biking there and here and his long time reliance on both walking and public transportation. LISTEN.


Jan Vandertuin, the Renaissance Man, who among other things, brought the Pedalers Express and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movements to America, is also the inspiration for for the Eugene, OR based Center for Appropriate Transport (CAT). LISTEN as he tells us about the bee hive of bicycle activity that excites and formally educates the youth up his way in his massive 8000 square foot facility .


San Francisco Mechanical Engineer and Metal Artist, Max Chen, TALKS about his bicycle art, his long involvement with the NBG including the TransAmerica ride he did for us in 2000 and the on line mapping project he is working on for us now. Coast to coast and up and down both seaboards, it will chart the route that connects our Mayors' Ride cities to one another.


If you're ready for bike comedy, let Palo Alto, CA solar engineer, Tom Kabat, tell you about the fun he has as he collects the needed discards to then bring his new bike designs off his CAD (Cardboard Aided Design) drawing board. Learn from Tom how close you are to building a bike of your very own!


Davis, CA Mayor, Ruth Asmundsen talks about how she wants to use the ideas given her by the other cities she has visited in her travels around the world to further improve her city's reputation as as one of America's premiere bicycle population centers, why Davis is so great for biking and how it got that way.


Noah Budnick, New York City Transportation Alternatives Programs Director talks about what his organization is doing to improve conditions for cyclists in his city. He also discusses the traumatic brain injury he suffered when he and his bike hit a pothole in March of 05 and how he ended up using the bicycle to speed his recovery along.


Dorie Clark, the results getting executive director of Mass Bike, in Boston, MA talks about biking in Boston and the fascinating background, including her Harvard degree and high profile work on the Howard Dean presidential campaign, that prepared her for the front lines of bike advocacy.


Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, one of the early political champions of traffic calming, talks about how taming automobile traffic has reshaped the city he has governed both as its number one decision maker and as long running CA state assemblyman.


Eric Gilliland talks about his evolution from a Washington DC bike messenger to the executive director of the Washington Area Bike Associations (WABA), one of the nation's largest, oldest and most respected bicycle advocacy organizations in America today.


Hear how, upon his graduation from high school, Andrew Morton has grown from the long bike journeys he has done for the NBG. Listen as tells us that, even though his college computer classes now make his rides shorter, he still does what he can for our organization.


Why Society May be Forced off the Wheel

After seven esteemed engineers here in Palo Alto discussed ways we can make the Busycle better, Bob Schneeveis mesmerized all those present for the next few hours as he talked about everything from Busycle 2.0 to the spider legs he magnifies for study. An engineer who makes microscopes and testing equipment for some of the departments and their professors at Stanford University, during the day and amazing robots at night, HE TOLD US how the wheel has brought problems that my threaten the very survival of mankind.


 Don Loomis

Why He Bicycled America  

2005-08-19 -- 00:26:00

Skot Paschal

Skot Paschal,
Popular teacher & veteran NBG Scout, stricken w/rare cancer, passed away 4/22/06

In Memorium

 2005-08-16 -- 00:29:00

 Ray Irvin

Mr. Greenway Speaks

2005-06-18 -- 00:49:28

Maryellen Oshaugnessey

Former Columbus Councillor, prob. OH Scty State

On Columbus OH Biking  

2005-05-30 -- 00:14:36

How Cyclists Can Change Motorist's Attitudes, by Jim Gange (PhD) (20:03)

Ro Fischer, Sr Aide to Pittsburgh Mayor, talks about Mayors' Ride History  2005-05-23 -- 00:16:42

Kelly Segar, Knoxville Bike Coordiantor, on Knoxville NBG Day  2005-05-12 --  00:07:25

 Danny Foster - Roanoke Bike Club Prez  2005-05-09 -- 00:06:56

NYC Karen Overton on NYC NBG Day & Recycle a Bicycle 2005-05-06 -- 00:04:21

 Boston NBG Day Steve Miller 2005-05-04 -- 00:08:14

 Mass Bikes Talks about Boston NBG Day  2005-05-03 -- 00:06:14



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