Rhoades Car
Jim Muellner
CEO & Smarte Carte Inventor. First coast to coast Mayors' Ride Rider
Andrew Morton
NBG Blog and Photo Gallery Creator

See the slide shows of his 2002 Portland to SF Mayors' Ride
Part One Part Two

Andrew Heckman
answers a question as Santa Cruz Mayor Emily Reilly and Congressman Sam Farr (D-CA) look on
In Des Moines, Lorna Davros, Assistant to Mayor Frank Cownie, says "Des Moines is pleased to be included in the NBG Annual Mayors Bike Ride. The fun and enthusiasm builds each year as we eagerly await the arrival of our relay rider on the steps of City Hall. We are proud to be a part of the vision that provides great outdoor exercise while promoting health and family activities."
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Pittsburgh to Columbus
RIde Leader Jeff Stephens
Janet Bressler Played Philly
Davis to Folsom Riders:
Robert Howe, Jacques Graber
2004 NBG Day Cities
Arcata | Baltimore | Berkeley | Boise | Boston | Boulder | Chicago | Cincinnati | Columbus
Davis | Des Moines | Eugene | Folsom | Indianapolis | Los Angeles
Monterey | New York City | Napa | Oakland | Omaha | Palo Alto
Philadelphia | Pittsburgh | Portland |
Rancho Cordova | Reno | Sacramento |

Lake City
San Francisco | San Luis Obispo | Santa Barbara | Santa Cruz |
San Jose
Sausalito | Seattle | Steamboat | Tampa | Washington DC

From/To Receiving Mayor Rider Arrival Miles
Chicago NBG Day
Des Moines to
(see West Coast Flank)

Chicago Proclamation

Don Loomis

Don Loomis


Victor Grinshtein

Indianapolis to
(see East Coast Flank)
Victor Grinshtein
(on a Rowbike)

West Coast Flank (see West to East Tier)
Palo Alto to
San Francisco
(see S California tier)
Gavin Newsom

SF NBG Day Photos

SF NBG Day Report

Arcata Mayor
Bob Ornelas

Max Chen
Don Loomis
Martin Krieg
Faye Saunders

6/11 28
Oakland to
San Francisco
(see Northwest tier)
Faye Saunders
10AM Sausalito Dunphy Park on Bridgeway to
San Francisco
(see Northwest tier)

Over the
Golden Gate Bridge!!

Joe Breeze
One of the Principal Inventors of the Mtn Bike

John Doidge

San Francisco to
.(see West to East tier)
Don Loomis
Patrick Thomas

on a Unicycle !!
East Coast Flank (See East to West Tier)
Baltimore to
Washington DC
(see Northeast tier)
Anthony Williams

2002 Send off Video

Rep. James L. Oberstar

(see Northeast tier) 7/2
Tampa to
Washington DC
(see Southeast tier)
(see Southeast tier) 936
Washington DC to
(see East to West Tier)
(see East to West Tier) 245
S. California tier
NBG Day Only
James Hahn

Marty Blum

Ralph Fertig and
Councilman Dan Secord
Dave Romero

San Luis Obispo
Joe Gilpin SLO Bike Coalition Dir with Vice-Mayor Ken Schwartz

NBG Day Only

Dan Albert

Adventures by the Sea
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Council sends off Doug Huskey & Tim McCloskey
Scott Kennedy

Virtual Bike Tour

6/8 45
Santa Cruz to
San Jose


Ron Gonzales

Doug Huskey
Tim McCloskey
6/10 40
San Jose to
Palo Alto City Hall

Palo Alto Proclamation


Bern Beecham
c/o Vice Mayor
Jim Burch

Arcata Mayor
Bob Ornelas

Max Chen
Barbara Hatch
(on Rollerblades)
Faye Saunders
Martin Krieg (HiWheel)
Don Loomis

6/10 20
Palo Alto to
San Francisco (noon)


Gavin Newsom

Max Chen

Arcata Mayor
Bob Ornelas

Barbara Hatch
(on Rollerblades)
Martin Krieg
Don Loomis
Faye Saunders

6/11 28
Northwest Tier

Why Bike Seattle

Seattle NBG Day

Greg Nickels

Featured Rider
Lars Clausen
Guinesss Record Holder
Send Off 5/14
Seattle to

Vera Katz

5/18 172
Portland to

Mayor Elect Kitty Tiercy with Council Member Bonny Bettman front row surrounded by Center for Appropriate Transport journalism class led by Karl Benedek in middle of back row

Jim Torrey

5/21 111
Eugene to

Arcata 2003

Bob Ornelas

6/3 297
Arcata to

Mayor Ed with Mayor Bob & Sandy Houck of the Eagle Cycle Club
Ed Henderson

Arcata Mayor
Bob Ornelas

Jerry Grulkey talks with Mayor Bob and friend

6/7 328
Napa to
Paul Albritton

Suzanne Banfield
6/8 48
Napa to


Mayor Bob's Report

Tom Bates c/o

Kriss Worthington - Car Free Berkeley Councilperson

Arcata Mayor
Bob Ornelas
6/9 38
Berkeley to

Oakland Proclamation



Jerry Brown

Oakland Vice Mayor
Nancy Nadel

Arcata Mayor
Bob Ornelas

Douglas Andelin (HiWheel)
Adam Barron (HiWheel)
Greg Barron (HiWheel)
Martin Krieg (HiWheel)
Mike Sutton (HiWheel)
Susie Sutton (HiWheel)
Tara Rech (HiWheel)

6/9 6
Northeast Tier
Thomas Menino

Send Off 6/21
Boston to
New York City

Michael Bloomberg

NYC Sports Commissioner,
Ken Podziba, with RoadWriter
inventor Josh Kinberg at
Battery Park with barely visible
Statue of Liberty in background

Josh Kinberg
RoadWriter Inventor
6/25 214
New York City to

(Bilenky's Band,
The Note Killers,
played with
Janet Bressler
at Tokio Ballroom
for NBG on 6/26)

John Street

Jays Pedal Power


Montana Norvell

Alex Montgomery
Andy Satinsky
Matt Yoder

Ride Report

Ride Pictures

6/28 96
Philadelphia to

Martin O'Malley

Fixed gear cyclist, Lawrence Burns with Baltimore Dept of Transportation, Media Director, David Brown

7/1 120
Baltimore to
Washington DC
Anthony Williams

Larry Black (HiWheel)
Tom Bruni
Michael Krushinsky
Don Plettenberg
Keith Ramsay

Larry Black Goes
Over Bars in DC

Southeast Tier

Final Report

Pam Iorio

Tampa Greenways

Send Off to DC 6/1

Jim Shirk
Eddie Wall

West to East Tier
San Francisco to

Patrick Thomas's Report

Ruth Asmundson

With Mayor of
Sangju City Korea
("Korea's Bicycle City")

Don Loomis
Patrick Thomas

Sacto News Story

6/14 87
Davis to

Davis to Folsom
Reno Wheekman President

Heather Fargo

Jacques Graber (HiWheel)
Tim Bustos
(Davis Bike Coordinator)

Greg Barron
Joe Concle
Barbara Hatch
(on Rollerblades)
Robert Howe
Martin Krieg (HiWheel)
Don Loomis
Ted McDonald (HiWheel)
Jack Martin
Faye Saunders
Mike Sutton (HiWheel)
Patrick Thomas
Peter Wagner (HiWheel)
Marty Wilson

6/14 15
Sacramento to
Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova in the News

Linda Budge

See Above +
Don Notolli
County Supervisor

Pictured: Jacques Graber

6/14 15
Rancho Cordova to

Davis to Folsom
slide show

Steve Miklos

See Above

6/14 11
Folsom to

Reno (10AM City Hall)

Deux Gros Nez

Reno Proclamation

Ride Report
By Mike Damon

Bob Cashell
c/o Vice Mayor
Dave Aiazzi

Mike Damon
Reno Wheelmen President

6/17 118

Send off Report

David Bieter
A Regular Bike Commuter!!

Send Off 6/16

Boise to
Salt Lake City

Rocky Anderson
Skot Paschal

Slide Show

Reno to
Steamboat Springs
Steamboat City Council

Steamboat Springs Health and Recreation Association

Don Loomis

Rabbit Ears Hotel

Steamboat Springs
Celebrates Don Loomis

7/1 924
Steamboat Springs to
Will Torr

Don Loomis

7/7 184
Boulder to

Mike Fahey

Fahey, Craddick, Loomis

Don Loomis

80 miles of paved,
interconnected trails!

7/19 587
Omaha to
Des Moines



Robert Craddick
Don Loomis


East to West Tier
Washington DC to

Reports from the Trail

Tom Murphy
Pittsburgh Biking

Primanti Brothers

Troy Bogdan
Nick Hein

NBG Day Report

DC to Pittsburgh Slide Show

7/9 245
Pittsburgh to
Michael Coleman

Cinci bound Rowbiker rider, Marshal Lafferty, with Columbus city officials

David Huggins-Daines

RAAM Racer
Jeff Stephens

Meltdown in Columbus

7/14 186
Columbus to

Mayor Luken trys Rowbike
Charlie Luken

Luken, Shaw, Grinshtein, Lafferty, Don Burrell from OKI

Victor Grinshtein
(on a Rowbike)
Marshall Lafferty
(on a Rowbike)
Steve Shaw
(former Mayor)

Reports from the Road and Trail

Slideshow from the Road and Trail

7/19 101
Cincinnati to

Victor on Rowbike

Bart Peterson

Victor Grinshtein
(on a Rowbike)
Steve Shaw
(former Mayor)

7/23 111
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Washington, DC 2002 Proclamation

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