Cycleology ...brain food for cyclists. Steve Almeroth [stav.jpg (8866 bytes)] Personal Website: Worldgain NBG 2000 Reports Joe Richey Email 1: Steve Almeroth Email 2: Al Ramos Ray Golub day 29 mon 10 jul Mark Atkins Ken Hodor as mentioned, bama found another rattle snake. but this time she Dale Lally knew to stay away. Bill Tucker About NBG on the road at 9:30 AM flat roads, rockies to the right, farms to the left. 522 is long and straight. crossed from new mexico to colorado and got strip-searched and denied access because my papers were... not in order. no wait, we have a unified government within the federation. just a sign that said, "welcome to colorado". the 522 subsequently reduced the shoulder from a swarthy 5 feet to less than 2. arrrgh lots of sage brush and no trees except for the recreaction oasis with a lake. spent four hours here. its now 4:41 PM i colored bama purple :) [country cross roads, 180 & US41. gas station, burned down shack, and a diner. in the diner, two teenagers eat quietly] sarah: hey, here comes johnny [door opens, boy walks in] johnny: hi sarah. can i talk to billy alone? sarah: im eating. johnny: i know.....but......i need to talk to billy... alone. sarah: [getting up] im going to the bathroom johnny: [watches sarah walk down the soda bar. sits down opposite billy in the booth. then, to billy] dude. billy: sup johnny: ok. i think i just met........ him. billy: who? johnny: [looking around the diner at the empty red booths and empty white soda bar] him! billy: [setting his fork down he slowly looks up from his pork fat salad] are you wigged out? johnny: [shaking his head] billy: are you sure? johnny: i think so. billy: how sure are you dude? johnny: ninety nine point nine nine percent. [billy jumps up, just as sarah walks up to hold his hand. they all hustle on their jackets and out into the fading western twillight] got to san luis, co at 6:00 PM but kept pumping to ft. garland and got a quaint little motel at dusk. took a shower with my clothes on which is how ive been doing laundry. i used my new dr. bronner's euclyptus hemp soap. do not buy any other soap other than dr. bronner's or at least buy hemp soap. if i find out that anyone is still using regular soaps that poison your skin and taint your blood and kill fish, im gonna get real mad, see. more good tv on cable. tv is so entertaining, im addicted to it. i cant stop watching it day 30 tue 11 jul took a rest day in the motel. realized i am not going to make the rally in dc so i spent the day rearranging my air transportation from washington dc to the closest city which appears to be denver. americans do not like dogs or bicycles so it has not been easy so here i sit, facing west outside on the quiet porch of my quaint motel room in ft. garland, co watching the sun rest on the treetops as it casts a lavender light upwards on the bottoms of the rain clouds. right in front of me is a big dark storm with lightning connecting the sky with the dirt and sometimes illuminating the whole street. off to the left are different clouds and above me is clear. wow that was a bright one! no thunder, just light; so far away that its quiet and calm here. so here i sit, enjoying the huge colorado sunset with the black rocky mountains taking up half the sky to the right; a mere half day, an arms length away. so here i sit, pining, wondering about the future and the past. how did the anasazi indians die? why is tesla's work not incorporated into technology and industry? why is the physical scientific community so out of touch with reality and has been for 50 years? why was jesus the peacebringer excecuted by the government? why does the ama spend huge money to hide the secrets of homeopathic and holistic medicines? why is a plant so versatile, beneficial, healing and innexpensive as hemp classified as a schedule I drug? why were/are medical and scientific pioneers like dr. timothy leary and terrance mackenna the target of highly organized and well funded slander campaigns? why are the healing powers of alternative medicines like thc, ayahuasca, music an aroma not used or even researched by the ama? why do we use chemical pesticides in food when cheaper, better, friendlier, natural organic options are freely available? why do we use outdated locomotion techniques like internal combustion, electricity, and "natural" gas when hydrogen cell technology is fully mature? why do we not sell cars with better gas milage even though powerful engines getting over 100 mpg were developed 50 years ago? why do we buy cars when we know they pollute so bad you cant even stand behind one? why does the cosmetics industry market toxic face creams to 14 year old girls? why does the fashion industry employ psychologists in their marketing and advertising departments? why does the crumbling tobacco industry target young people with their carcinigenic products (b kool), how do the individual, human being, members of the wto and the imf sleep at night? why do we add bovine hormones to milk and beef? why are various stimulants and depresants added to baby food? why do we add flourine, a waste product of many chemical processes, to municipal water systems when we know it loosens the lead in home plumbing? why are we trying to fatten and stupify our own people? why do we ignore the signs? why do we think we are exempt from the reprocussions? why did i paint my poor dog purple? why? now its time to finish reading the book of revelations and sack out when he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour day 31 wed 12 jul ft. garland, co allright. here's the deal. my friend mike conned me into climbing mt. rainier in washington state with him again aug 8th and i am going to my other friend jimmy's wedding the day before the nbg rally so i wont be able to be in dc aug 20. i am cutting this bike trip short and going no further east. today i leave for sante fe and from there i am renting a car to drive to la. visit the nbg website at also, if you enjoy these logs, visit jody's archive at [in back of the 4th street conoco] johnny: hi colonel. i want you toi meet my friends that i was talking about. this is sarah and this is billy raye billy: hi colonel. johnny says you have some schematics you bare working on colonel: oh yes. [seting down a pencil and compass, holding up a paper] this is my latest. it incorporates all the logos. the star of david, the swastica, aperfect circle... billy: [to johnny] when can we meet at the camp? johnny: everyone or just us? billy: [looking around to sarah, to colonel and back to johnny] everyone day 32 thu 13 jul forgot to mention that on sunday i broke the speed limit about 30 miles out of taos along with my personal land speed record: 45.5 mph in a 45 zone, oh yes! 1:17 PM headed out northwest toward the great sand dunes national monument to check that out before i head back to sante fe. stopped for a rest under the only tree in sight. we're in scrubland again 3:00 PM kinda screwed up and fell asleep and now im not even half the 25 miles to the monument. hmmm alright show of hands... who has been out in the middle and seen a storm front chase them? ok so im traveling just north of west, to get around the sangra de cristos which are blocking me to the north. so i wake up from my wonderful roadside slumber (when im tired i can sleep standing) and see the storm coming up the 160 behind me, but the headwind would keep the storm away since i can ride faster than water. so a few miles down the road i finally get to my halfway marker: the 150 north. a right turn in the middle of nowhere is weird. now the storm did something i didnt expect. it cut the corner and got the angle on me. damn! and in my slumbering stupor i also neglected to account for wind change. i now got the full-on ride-specific tailwind... an easy 20. so the bike cruised easily at 24 (note to self, affix mast and sail to handlebar) but the storm, which i now called mitsy, was racing right behind me. just when i thought i would beat her without incident, mitsy got angry and shot down hail. it hit the cars behind me, but i had a 4 mph surplus that was putting me ahead. then she got sneaky and gave some lightning to, betty, the eastern storm that turned into the equivelent of me and mitsy raciing a fair race and just when im about get to the finish, her teammate steps out from the ether and crosses the line. but im appealing. i hardly got wet, but the scariest thing about a desert storm is that since there are no trees, the lightning sees me and says, "hey, there's something" well... the storm brought more than hail and rain. the unthinkable happened. something so incredible, i still reel: two high school grads spent the whole night with me. amazing. i am seriously going to stalk them for ten years and then marry them both. we had fun being loud and keeping the campgroud awake till mignight (the girls came to the dunes, specifically to get drunk) these girls were so beautiful. katie (or kt?) was so awesome, her personality was so genuine and down to earth. she was the bigger one, the stopper, strong, but thin. she knocked over the candle and said, "somebody hit me with a bat." i died laughing at this. hardcore "nessa" vanessa was the small one, halfback, forward and all defensive positions, and very drunk. small but wow! so beautiful. she rides motorcycles (tali, you might be out for the spring ride), loves kids, hates cops, smokes, studying massage therapy also met mike (what's up dude) and karen who makes awesome breads day 33 fri 14 jul woke up at dawn and climbed the sand dunes. hmmm san dunes in the middle the colorado plains, big dunes, like in the movies big; 38 square acres for just the monument. 135 feet deep revealed still wind blown sand. at $800 a pop, sand analysis is too expensive to find the re answers to the questions: why are they here? what creates them? growing? types? age quantity, they are at least 12,000 yo but might be much oilder. then i rode "lane 6" to alamosa. went to a great coffee shop and thgen slept in the city park. its a sizeable city, maybe 5000 people. woke up about three toi the sound of some punk saying, "should i kick him in the jaw?" "naw, homeboy is just tryin to get some sleep." i should have taught opey taylor's mexican cousin a lesson on principle. [ Prelude ] - [ Day 1-4 ] - [ Day 5-8 ] - [ Day 9 ] [ Day 10-11 ] - [ Day 12-13 ] - [ Day 14-16 ] - [ Day 17-19 ] [ Day 20-22 ] - [ Day 23-24 ] - [ Day 25-28 ] - [ Day 29-33 ]