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Boston NBG Day

Home to first bike club and first bike manufacturer in U.S.

Thomas Menino

Podcast Reports
Mass Bike
w/Mike Lydon (6:14)
Boston Bike Fest
w/Steve Miller (8:14)

30 cyclists were on hand as Dave T leads charge on his 1889 HiWheel
(See below report)

Menino steers 15 person pedeal powered BusCycle at Hub On Wheels Festival
Send Off

New York City NBG Day
Boston to
New York City
(largest city in U.S.)

Karen Overton of Recycle a Bicycle Speaks (4.26)
Michael Bloomberg

Paul White, TA, Ken Podziba, Sports Commissioner NYC. Karen Overton, RAB

Proclamation Excerpt
…Whereas: H.G. Wells said, "Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race." New Yorkers second this sentiment, and take this opportunity to extend their gratitude to NBG, Recycle a Bicycle, and Transportation Alternatives, home to Noah Budnick, the dedicated activist who suffered injuries while working on behalf of his fellow cyclists..


Noah Budnick
Noah at 2003 Bridge Protest (story)

Noah Budnick

On March 29, Transportation Alternatives (TA) Bike Activist, Noah Budnick. was severely head injured while riding his bike on the Brooklyn Bridge exit, an exit he had been fighting to make safe (TA's Report). TA, Recycle-A-Bicycle (RAB) and the City of New York honored this courageous man at Battery Park.

Noah Speaks!!

Philadelphia NBG Day
NYC to
John StreetJohn Doyle. Alex Doty Bike Coalition Philadelphia with Deputy City Rep, Bonnie Grant


Philly Bike Pictures
1 | 2

Baltimore NBG Day
Philadelphia to

Washington, DC NBG Dayy
Baltimore to
Washington, DC
Anthony Williams

2002 Send off Video

Pete Hein, Concetta, Phil Koopman, City Bikes, Jim Sebastian, DC Bike Coordinator, Troy Bogdan, Nick Hein ready for Pittsburgh sans Phil and Jim (behind the camera, Eric Gilliland, WABA director)
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According to Rosemary Fischer, Sr. Exec.Assistant to Mayor Tom Murphy in Pittsburgh, PA, she and her mayor feel that the NBG is "an exciting organization that (they) feel can interconnect America with more of the same beauty that has helped (them) to revitalize Pittsburgh".

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