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2005 NBG Day Cities
Arcata | Atlanta | Baltimore | Berkeley | Boise | Boston | Boulder | Cincinnati
Columbus | Davis | Des Moines | Eugene | Folsom | Indianapolis | Knoxville | Long Beach

Los AngelesMiami | Monterey | New York City | Napa | Oakland | Omaha | Palo Alto
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Come on your bike! Help us receive the NBG Day proclamation in your city with other representatives of the bike community. Time 12 noon (unless otherwise noted). Location: City Hall.

WHY: Celebrating the importance of city cycling as we spread the NBG message and attract resources to our cause of connecting cyclists to cities all across America (long version).

NBG Day City in Bold
San Diego NBG Day
San DIego

Dick Murphy

City of San Diego Staff, Caltrans Staff, SANDAG staff, community activists, road riders and hi-wheelers


Joel Rizzo Bike Coordinator also operates nation's largest dojo, and is the highest ranking student of world's foremost Martial Artist,
Jung Shee Doo Wai
pictured at left

Send Off

Marty Wilson at NBG Day

Long Beach NBG Day
Long Beach

Beverly O'Neill

Erik Knutzen
w/Vice Mayor Jackie Kell


Send Off

Los Angeles NBG Day
Long Beach to
Los Angeles
Antonio Villaraigosa

Revel (LACBC) Erik (LA/LB/LA) Stephen (LA/SB) Enci (LA/SB) Alex Baum (Director: LADOT/LABAC) Kastle Lund (Director: LACBC) Matt Benjamin (LACBC) Michelle Mowry (LADOT) Gary Hendrickson (HiWheeler) Dorothy (Councilman LaBonge's office)
HiWheel Gary Hendrickson, Erik, Stephen & Enci
Deputy Mayor Larry Frank with early arrivals
Stephen & Enci pedal Hollywood Blvd
Stephen & Enci w/t2 of the 4 proclamations their ride collected

Slide Show
Alex Baum
Griffith Park NBG Day

Erik Knutzen, Stephen Box, Enci and Alex Baum (LADOT and Chairman of the Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee)

Enci, Erik Knutzen, Honorary Mayor of Griffith Park (largest city park in US) Louis Alvarado and Stephen Box,
Santa Barbara NBG Day
Los Angels to
Santa Barbara

Marty Blum

Stephen. Mayor Blum, Encii
(Ralph Fertig, SBBC, behind camera)

1:30 PM

San Luis Obispo NBG Day
Santa Barbara to
San Luis Obiso

Dave Romero

Russ Robinson, Adam Fukushima SLO Bike Coalition Director, Mayor Romero


Monterey NBG Day
San Luis Obispo to

Monterey and Santa Cruz NBG Day Dynamo/Coordinator
Mary Alsip between son, Braxton, and Jeff

Adeline Flores always there for the NBG!

Dan Albert

Jeff Haferman, Monterey Councilman, surrounded by Velo Club Monterey Members, Todd Bennet, Sr Planner (in tie) and Santa Cruz bound cyclists


Adventures by the Sea

Ed Migliore at City Hall also rode Boise - Eugene for Skot

Ready to ride

Max, Martin.John. Don,
Roberto. Skot

Santa Cruz NBG Day for Skot
Monterey to
Santa Cruz

Skot Paschal, in black cap, in middle next to Mayor, surrounded by well wishers, city staff, and Braxton birthday celebrants
Mayor Rotkin reads proclamation as Martin, Bruce and Tim look on

Tim McCloskey who powered thru his own cancer scare met us on Aptos and continued the ride to San Jose and Palo Alto

Mike Rotkin

West Cliff Dr site of
Cycle America 2000
Lighthouse Send Off

Christopher and his son John at produce stand with their tandem


Braxton Alsip celebrated 17th Birthday with ride for Skot
Roberto Lovato rode after hip replacement for Skot

Skot Paschal,
Popular teacher & veteran NBG Scout, stricken w/rare cancer
rode all 45 miles!!

Braxton Alsip
Bruce Brodie
Max Chen
Martin Krieg
(on a HiWheel)
Bob Kelly, Velo Club Monterey
Don Loomis
Roberto Lovato
(TransAm vet with titanium hip)
Ed Migliore
Christopher Warnock
John Warnock (age 10)

Bob Kelly, front, leads bikes up charge in artichoke stand parking lot
















San Jose NBG Day
Santa Cruz to
San Jose

Over the Hill cyclists (from Santa Cruz) w/SVBC board members, city staff and Palo Alto bound cyclists

Ron Gonzales

Lunch at Muchos


John Brazil, San Jose Bike Coordinator, Yves Zsutty, Citywide Trail System Manager w/Krieg & Santa Cruz to San Jose riders

Eileen Beaudry

Tom Ayers
(SVBC Director)
Scott Campbell
Tim McCloskey
(SCCCC Webmaster/Cancer Survivor)

Palo Alto NBG Day
San Jose to
Palo Alto
Birthplace of Silicon Valley)

Mayor Burch, far left, stands next to arriving cyclists and supporters

Jim Burch

Ellen Fletcher with Krieg and San Jose Bike coordinator, John Brazil

Ellen Fletcher Bryant St Bike Blvd


Provided Delicious Lunch

Whole Foods Manager, Bruce Cancilla, in background, made sure everyone was fed

Faye Saunders

Tom Ayers
(SVBC Director )
Eileen Beaudry
John Brazil
(SJ Bike Coordinator)
Scott Campbell
Don Loomis
Martin Krieg
on HiWheel
Tim McCloskey
(SCCCC Webmaster/Cancer Survivor)

San Francisco NBG Day

Palo Alto to
San Francisco
America's #1
Big City for Biking

SF City Hall in background

James Keys, presenting the Warnocks with their
Daly, Krieg talk bikes


Gavin Newsom
Car Free Supervisor:
Chris Daly

Riders with James Keys, SF Board of Supes liaison

Chris Daly w/Krieg
Television Feature in

James Keys at Work
Leah Shahum SFBC Dir Speaks

69 yo Jim Muellner

Scott Campbell
Max Chen
Martin Krieg
Don Loomis
Chloe Linn (age 14)
Schuyler Linn
(age 11)
Faye Saunders
Christopher Warnock
John Warnock (age 10)
Rosa Yamamoto

Jerri-Ann Meyer

Note: Times are 12 noon at City Hall unless otherwise specified
Numbers in red denote population size ranking

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