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National Bicycle Greenway in action
Baltimore Biking 2005
# of bike lane miles Approximately 5 miles – Fort Avenue, Kelly Avenue and on-street portion of Gwynns Falls Trail
# of off road trail miles Approximately 20 miles – Gwynns Falls Trail, Jones Falls Trail, Herring Run Trail
# Bike Racks 50± - We are starting a program to install more bike racks. A complete survey has not been undertaken. Many racks are located at schools, libraries, parks etc. Others have been installed by private entities. More are needed and we are working on this problem.
Bike Coordinator? No official coordinator at this time - Fred Shoken of the Department of Transportation and Beth Strommen of the Planning Department are coordinating Baltimore’s Bicycle Master Plan project.
Bike Maps? As part of our planning effort a Preliminary Bike Network Map has been produced. This is an early draft and will likely be modified. Some private bike maps have been produced, but are not updated regularly.
Hazard Report Form? Baltimore has a one call system for service requests: 311. Reports of potholes and of road defects are tracked through this system.
# of bike rack equipped buses Racks are available on some busses – but do not have specific number
Bikes on Trains? Metro and Light Rail – yes, MARC (Baltimore to DC commuter train) – only folding bikes
# Bike shops Approximately 5 in Baltimore City Limits; 25 ± in Baltimore Metropolitan area
% of trips by bike? According to census information less than 1% (0.26%) of employed residents over 16 years of age commute to work
Bike to Work Day? The annual bike to work day most recently took place on May 6, 2005 – there were approximately 100 participants in the Baltimore City rally.
# Colleges Approximately 10 within Baltimore City limits
# of Rain/snow days 114 days
# of days below 45 degrees 97 days below freezing
Recycled Bike Program? Yes – There are some Baltimore area locations for bike recycling as part of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association – Bikes for the World program.
Bike bridges? Approximately 7 bike/ped only bridges along the Gwynns Falls Trail
Bike undercrossings? no
Ctty Bike Repair? Not familiar with any existing, but a private group is considering the development of such a program.
Population Approximately 650,000
Planned Completion of Gwynns Falls Trail, completion of the Jones Falls Trail, implementation of the Baltimore Bicycle Master Plan (to be completed at the end of 2005); goal of 10 miles of new on-street bike lanes per year.
Local Bike Activist Organizations? Baltimore Bicycling Club
One Less Car Maryland
     Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee
Your Name and Title or Organization? Fred Shoken - Bike Commuter
City Planner II
Baltimore City Department of Transportation
Comments Baltimore is in the process of developing a Bicycle Master Plan and has started developing on-street bike routes and trails. We are at the start of this process, so the number of facilities is small at this time, but is expected to improve in the next few years. Information on the Bicycle Master Plan project can be found at:

Cycle America, POB 60355, Palo Alto CA 94306
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