Since 1995
National Bicycle Greenway in action
Cincinnati Biking 2005
# of bike lane miles 4.4, Wide Curb Lanes - 4.0 miles
# of off road trail miles 9.2 miles paved
# Bike Racks over 200
Bike Coordinator? Jim Coppock, Department of Transportation and Engineering
(not a formal title)
Bike Maps? Seven County Maps, detailed City bike route guide map (1998).
Updated about every ten years.
Hazard Report Form? no
# of bike rack equipped buses 100% (about 265 buses)
Bikes on Trains? n/a
# Bike shops no response
% of trips by bike? unknown
Bike to Work Day? Not this year, but did hold it previous 12 years
# Colleges 3
# of Rain/snow days n/a
# of days below 45 degrees n/a
Recycled Bike Program? no
Bike bridges? 1
Purple People Bridge, over Ohio River, connecting Cincinnati and Newport KY.
Bike undercrossings? none
Bike Boulevards? 1
Brookline Ave (just north of University of Cincinnati)
Ctty Bike Repair? yes. chain reaction
Population 336400 (1998)
percent of households without auto - 23% 2000 census
Planned Ohio River Trail - Salem to downtown.
Little Miami Scenic Trail at Beechmont Ave.
Wide curb lanes on four street improvement projects: Dixmyth Avenue, Vine Street, Kennedy Connector, Red Bank Road
Local Bike Activist Organizations? Bike/PAC, Jeff Loveland, Chair
phone 513-684-0218
Your Name and Title or Organization? Jim Coppock, City of Cincinnati, Dept of Transportation and Engineering

Cycle America, POB 60355, Palo Alto CA 94306
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