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Columbus to Cincinnati

Name: Stephen Shaw

e-mail: skshaw@msn.com

Route Type: Multi-Day Tour

Starting Point:
Columbus, Ohio

Starting cross-streets: Route 40 to Route 42 to London, Ohio

Destination Point:
Milford, Ohio (Cincinnati suburb)

Miles Estimated: 110

Difficulty (Approx.)
: 2

Rating Explanation: Except for the roads traveled from Columbus to London, it is all flat trail.

Cities along route: Columbus, London, South Charleston, Cedarville, Xenia, Spring Valley, Corwin, Morrow, Loveland, Milford.

Misc. helpful tips: State Route 40 (Broad Street) West out of downtown. To State Route 42 South to London. The Prairie Grass Trail runs parallell to Route 42. I believe it start on the south edge of London. As you get to the south edge of London, you should be able to turn left onto either S. Cherry Street or Midway street and I believe they probably cross the trail. The trail head is directly behind the Madison County Senior Center, which is located at 280 West High Street.

This trail takes you to Xenia and in Xenia, follow the signs to the Little Miami Scenic Trail and go south on that trail to Milford.

The Prairie trail runs through open fields and is a bit monotonous. Once you hit the Xenia trail you spend most of your time in trees and overhangs. The trail is starting to show its age in certain areas and particularly south of Loveland. As you approach Milford, there are some significant bumps. Most are marked.

Avoid these trails on nice afternoons on the weekends.

Hill Profile
: Easy

Best Times: 6-9am, 6-9pm

Hill Work: None

Construction: None

Excess Traffic: Loveland area, Xenia area

Bad Roads: Trail is rough south of Loveland in spots.

No Shoulder: Downtown Columbus

Bike Lanes: All the way from London to Milford, with minor roads perhaps required in Xenia.

Other: I got off the Prairie Trail just to break the monotony. I enjoyed some of the rolling hills on Route 42 and the relatively light traffic.

Sights to See: Go to www.miamivalleytrails.org for trail information and maps.

Lodging locations: Near Morrow. Xenia. Cedarville, Selma and South Charleston. This last city has a beautiful entrance on the path from the south.

Shower locations: Unknown.

Drinking water locations: Many along the way in the small towns. Most towns have shops and food.

Food concessions: Most towns offer a little of everything. Loveland has it all. Xenia has it all. Many crossing trails in Xenia.

Bicycle type: Cannondale road bike

Last time taken: 2004

How often taken: From Morrow to Milford - 15-20 times a summer

Thoughts or comments: From Milford, lots of great riding up into Indian Hill, Get a local road map. For great hills to climb as you approach Milford, at about mile 3 or 4, start looking for the following: Cunningham, short but extremely steep, Galbraith - long two mile climb. At the terminus, you can turn left out of the lot and then turn left onto Shawnee Run which takes you up into beautiful riding through Indian Hill.

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