Since 1995
National Bicycle Greenway in action
Eugene NBG Biking 2005
# of bike lane miles 89
# of off road trail miles 30
# Bike Racks We don't have an accurate account but short-term and long-term bike parking is required in our land use code.
Bike Coordinator? Yes (myself). We also have a 1/2 fte (Cindy Clarke) who promotes transportation options other than driving alone.
Bike Maps? We provide free bike maps to the public for the Eugene-Springfield area. They are available at City offices, bike shops, recreation centers, visitors bureau, and welcome wagon agencies for new residents. Also available on-line. The map is reproduced as needed and reprinted early 2005.
Hazard Report Form? On-line or by calling maintenance division. Many contact me and I relay this information to our maintenance division.
# of bike rack equipped buses 100%
Bikes on Trains? Amtrak has bike car. When our Bus Rapid Transit system starts, bikes will be allowed inside.
# Bike shops Bike sellers 20 (plus other retail stores); bike rental 4; bike repair
11; manufacturers 4.
% of trips by bike? 5.5% work trips
Bike to Work Day? We have a summer long program called People Powered Fridays where we encourage non-motorized transportation. In the fall we have the Business Bicycle Challenge where we encourage employers to participate in a week long competition for employees to walk, bike, skate, or ride the bus.
# Colleges University of Oregon;
Northwest Christian College;
Oacific University;
Lane Community College
# of Rain/snow days Average annual rainfall is about 46 inches. Average monthly
precipitation varies from about 7-8 inches in November through January to about .04 inches in July. Eugene rarely gets snow and when there is a snow event, it is typically 1-2 inches. City has a good program of snow removal on streets with bike lanes.
# of days below 45 degrees no response but Average annual temperature is 53.7 degrees
Recycled Bike Program? Center for Appropriate Transport (CAT)
Bike bridges? Owosso Bike Bridge
Greenway Bike Bridge
Peter DeFazio Bike Bridge
Autzen Bike Bridge
Knickerbocker Bike Bridge
Bike undercrossings? Our Amazon Channel has several under crossings at collector/arterial streets. The Ruth Bascom Riverbank Trail system has several.
Bike Boulevards? We are working on implementing a bike boulevard from the Willamette River to 29th Street.
Ctty Bike Repair? Center for Appropriate Transport (CAT)
Population Approximately 145,000
Planned Replace asphalt paths with concrete paths. Extend riverbank trail
system. Install more on-street lanes and bike lanes on new streets.
Local Bike Activist Organizations? Eugene Bicycle Coalition - (member of Bicycle Transportation Alliance) GEARS Cycling Club - mainly recreational riders who invite community
Pike Police? Yes
Your Name and Title or Organization? Lee Shoemaker
Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
City of Eugene

Cycle America, POB 60355, Palo Alto CA 94306
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