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Cincinnati to Indianapolis

Name: Don Burrell

e-mail: DBCinOh@fuse.net

Route Type: Connector Link

Starting Point: Cincinnati, OH

Starting cross-streets: E Pete Rose Way and Butler St

Destination Point:
Harrison, OH

Destination cross-streets: State Line Rd and Harrison Av.

Miles Estimated: 33

Difficulty (Approx.): 3

Rating Explanation: Route follows river valleys; few hills, some city streets, some narrow country roads.

Cities along route:: Cincinnati OH, Newport Ky, Covington Ky, Ludlow, Bromley Ky, Cincinnati OH, Addyston, North Bend, Cleves, Elizabethtown, Harrison OH

Misc. helpful tips:: The following cue sheet provides directions from Cincinnati, OH to Harrison, OH located on the Ohio-Indiana border, a distance of 33 miles. The route starts at the entrance to the Purple People Pedestrian Bridge crossing the Ohio River located at E. Pete Rose Way and Butler Street which is approximately 8 blocks southeast of Fountain Square. The route crosses the river to Newport, KY then proceeds downriver (west) to the Anderson Ferry where it crosses back to Ohio. It then continues west trhiugh Cincinnati, Addyston, North Bend, Cleves and Elizabethtown where it turns north paralleling the Indiana line to Harrison, OH. Cyclists continuing west to Indianapolis should take the Harrison Brookville Rd which becomes US 52 at the I-74 inrterchange west of Harrison.

South Purple People Bridge and Saratoga St 0.7 mi
Right / West 4th St to Licking River Bridge 0.8
Straight / West 4th St 0.1
Right / North Garrard St 0.2
Left / West 2nd St and Johnson St 0.7
Right / West 3rd St 0.4
Right / West KY Rt 8 6.7
Right / North Anderson Ferry across Ohio River ($.50) cross tracks, River Rd, up hill to stop sign (convenience store) 0.3
Left / West Hillside Av 4.7
Left / South Twain St 0.4
Right / West Gracely Av. and Kibby (Sayler Park business) 1.6
Right / West US 50 (Mc Donalds) 3.4
Left / West Mt Nebo Rd (traffic light) (Cleves) 0.2
Right / North-West Miamiview 2.5
Right / North Lawrenceburg Rd (bridge over Great Miami R) 8.3
(Note: American Discovery Trail junction sign in Elizabethtown)
Right / North State Line Rd (in Harrison) 0.9

Harrison to Indianapolis
At Harrison Av in downtown Harrison go straight (North) and follow main road to the left where it becomes Harrison-Brookville Rd (Old US 52). After a couple miles and the interchange with I-74, the road becomes US 52 to Indianapolis. Brookville is 14 miles from the I-74 and has a state Park. Seven miles past Brookville is Metamora, worth stopping to see.

Hill Profile: Easy

Best Times: 9-12noon, 12noon-3pm

Hill Work: Minor hills on Ky Rt 8

Excess Traffic: US 50 in Ohio has fast traffic and trucks, but wide shoulders

Bad Roads: Ky Rt 8 suffers from hillside slippage, watch for cracks and broken pavement

No Shoulder:
Most roads

Bike Lanes: None

Sights to See: Route follows Ohio River Valley with many scenic vistas.
The Anderson Ferry is a unique experience. (50 cents for bikes - cheap)
Much of this route also follows the Trans-Continental American Discovery Trail. Look for the sign for the north and south ADT trail junction in Elizabethtown.
In Indiana, Metamora is an interesting town with tourist shops and a restored sectio of the Cincinnati Whitewater Canal. (note - there is a portal of a canal tunnel in Cleves if you take the North Bend turnoff to Miami Ave. and look for the historic marker on the left.)

Camping locations: None on this route.
Miami Whitewater Forest near Harrison.
Brookville Lake State Park near Brookville In.

Lodging locations: Motels in Covington, Ky, Cleves Oh, Harrison Oh at I-74 / New Haven exit.

Shower locations: Above

Drinking water locations: Convenience stores located in towns along route

Food concessions:

Bicycle type: Road bike

Last time taken: Last week / last year

How often taken: Depends on section

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