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NBG Scout lands in Center of Greenway Universe

At 10:30 AM, National Bicycle Greenway scout, Concetta Curtis, who has has met and exchanged with ten other big city Mayor's offices since she left Miami on April 15, will be honored by city officials with a proclamation making Friday June 3, NBG Day in the city of Indianapolis. Concetta's ride for the National Bicycle Greenway (NBG) is a part of the 4th Annual National Mayors' Ride that will visit 52 cities before it ends in San Francisco on July 31.

The NBG's mission to connect cyclists to cities and to show what there is in those cities that makes them attractive to bike riders, has had an easy job in Indianapolis. Thanks in large part to Indy Greenways and the vision of one man, Ray Irvin, often referred to as Mr Greenway, this has been so. With its many miles of Car Free Greenways, interconnected with mass transit and more and more on street destinations almost every day, this state capital city is fast becoming a name more synonymous with Greenways that work than with its legendary motor car speedway. Respected now by communities all over the nation looking to alleviate the burden that car centered planning has suffocated them with, the Indy Greenways program has become the standard by which such human friendly infrastructure is often judged.

Come to CIty Market across from City Hall and give your regards to Ray, Deputy Mayor Steve Campbell , local bike advocates and to Concetta who has filled every heart she has touched with her great joy. More info: www.indygreenways.com -- www.bikeroute.com

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