Knoxville Region Biking 2005
# of bike lane miles Approx. 4 miles.
# of off road trail miles Approx. 90 miles in the 6-county region (44 of which are in Knox County and the City of Knoxville)
# Bike Racks Approx. 285 currently. Another 130 will be added to the University of Tennessee this summer.
Bike Coordinator? Yes, the Knoxville Regional Transportation Organization (the MPO) has a bicycle coordinator for the region. Kelley Segars, Senior Transportation Planner
Bike Maps? Yes, a Center City map that shows the comfort level of roads for bicycling. There is also a map developed by the transit agency that shows greenways and the bus stops that serve them. (All buses have front bike racks, except the downtown trolleys.)
Hazard Report Form? Our website lists the phone numbers to call to report a hazard, depending on what jurisdiction you are in. It also says who to call regarding incidents (crashes or harassment) or about aggressive dogs.
# of bike rack equipped buses All buses except the downtown trolleys. (28 routes served by 78 buses)
Bikes on Trains? We do not have passenger train service.
# Bike shops Approx. 10 in the region.
% of trips by bike? Less than 1%.
Bike to Work Day? We have Smart Trips Week which promotes alternatives to driving alone all week. There are free bike maintenance classes, beginner bike rides, “bike pools” and Bike to Work with the Mayor Day. Also we have a Neighborhood Bike Ride each October that draws an average of 130 people to bike from downtown to surrounding neighborhoods.
# Colleges One major university and several colleges.
# of Rain/snow days A lot of rain, but not much snow. No idea how many days.
# of days below 45 degrees Not many.
Recycled Bike Program? no
Bike bridges? no
Bike undercrossings? No. (Two pedestrian/bike bridges in Knoxville associated with UT campus.)
Ctty Bike Repair? no
Population Urbanized area is about 377,000. The 6-county region is about 765,000.
Local Bike Activist Organizations? (Please List) The TPO Bicycle Advisory Committee is essentially an advocacy organization.
Planned We are working on identifying a bike network and planning improvement projects for the network to bring it up to a higher bicycle level of service. Bike lanes are being added to one major street in Knoxville this summer as part of a road diet (three lane conversion).
Prepared by Kelley Segars, AICP
Senior Transportation Planner
Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization
400 Main St., Suite 403
Knoxville, TN 37902
(865) 215-3815