Miami Biking 2005
# of bike lane miles 36
# of off road trail miles 571
# Bike Racks n/a - required by County ordinance for businesses in the
unincorporated part of the county.
Bike Coordinator? David Henderson, Bicycle/Pedestrian
Coordinator, Miami-Dade MPO
Bike Maps? 11"x17" draft map available. Full sized map under
Hazard Report Form? no
# of bike rack equipped buses 700
Bikes on Trains? Yes
# Bike shops 50
% of trips by bike? 0.45% (Census 2000 Journey to Work)
Bike to Work Day? no
# Colleges 10
# of Rain/snow days approximately 145
# of days below 45 degrees 0
Recycled Bike Program? no
Bike bridges? no
Bike undercrossings? no
Ctty Bike Repair? no
Population 2,253,362 (Census 2000)
Local Bike Activist Organizations?