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National Bicycle Greenway in action
San Diego Biking 2005
# of bike lane miles California's second largest city and the United States' seventh largest, San Diego boasts a citywide population of nearly 1.3 million residents and more than 2.8 million residents countywide. Within its borders of 4,200 sq. miles, San Diego County encompasses 18 incorporated cities and numerous other charming neighborhoods and communities, including downtown's historic Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, Coronado, La Jolla, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Escondido, La Mesa, Hillcrest, Barrio Logan, Chula Vista and more.

There are approximately 850 miles of bike lane and bike route in the City of San Diego and just under 40 miles of bike path. 300 miles have been added in the last 3 years and there is much more to go.

The City of San Diego has approximately 2,800 miles of street, 16,356 intersections w/approximately 237,000 signs.
# of off road trail miles There is no official record of this to date, but we have many hundreds of miles of canyons, parks and trails within the county and the city is comprised of valleys, mesas and hills that slope down to our beach communities.
# Bike Racks San Diego has thousands of racks in the city and has begun the process of installing several hundreds more this summer of 2005 and will start cataloging them for the future use in our upcoming interactive map. We have bike lockers, various racks and rings throughout the city.
Bike Coordinator? Joel Rizzo, Jr.
pictured at Southwest Relay Flank
P: 619-533-3110
F: 619- 533-3713
E: jrizzo@sandiego.gov
Right now, there is a team of one with two recently added part-time interns.
Bike Maps?
We have the SD County Bike Map that can be acquired from 800-commute (Ridelink). This map is a county wide effort in the San Diego region that details paths, lanes, routes, freeway accessible shoulders, reduced speed paths (due to heavy pedestrian and bicycle activity), ferry services, and other suggested routes. It is updated yearly by all cities in the county, and orchestrated by SANSAG, our local funding resource agency. The maps contain bicycling laws or Rules of the Road, Safety Tips, and a list of useful phone numbers and websites.
Hazard Report Form? There exists an extensive network that allows bicyclists to contact the local and state agencies with concerns and ideas that can better improve our existing infrastructure and plan for a better future, by phone and web.
# of bike rack equipped buses All transit in SD County: busses, and all bus lines, all trolley, Coaster rail, etc…
Bikes on Trains? Yes
# Bike shops

39 shops in the county:

  • REI San Diego
  • Performance on Ronson, San Diego
  • Trek, San Diego
  • Bike Tours San Diego, San Diego
  • Mission Hills Bike Shop, San Diego
  • Bike Warehouse, San Diego
  • UC Cyclery, San Diego
  • B&L Bikes, Solana Beach
  • El Camino Bicycles, Encinitas
  • Nytro, Encinitas
  • Leucadia Cyclery, Encinitas
  • Mission Cyclery, Bonita
  • Bikes and Beyond, Coronado
  • Holland's Bicycles, Coronado
  • Inky's Schwinn, El Cajon
  • Hidden Valley Bicycle Store, Escondido
  • Grand Avenue Bikes, Escondido
  • Performance Bicycle Shop, Escondido
  • Bicycle Works, La Mesa
  • Performance Bikes, La Mesa
  • Lemon Grove Bicycle Company, Lemon Grove
  • Action Cyclery, San Diego
  • Black Mountain Bikes, San Diego
  • Rancho Penasquitos Cycle Center, San Diego
  • Kirks Bike Shop, Ramona
  • South Bay Bicycles, National City
  • Supergo, Oceanside
  • Alans Family Bike Shop, Oceanside
  • Bike Empire, Poway
  • Cyclery of Rancho Bernardo, San Diego
  • Zumwalts College Cyclery, San Diego
  • Pedal Pushing, San Diego
  • Adams Ave Bikes, San Diego
  • Thomas Bike Shop, San Diego
  • Mountain Bike Warehouse, San Marcos
  • Trek, San Marcos
  • North of the Border Bikes, San Diego
  • Performance, Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego
% of trips by bike? 2% to 4%, 2% of driver and 4% rail. Numbers do not reflect the actual size of the city (30 miles long and 12 miles wide on average) and the set up, as it is enormous, and not for the faint of heart, but worth every mile!
Bike to Work Day? Yes, county wide.
# Colleges 25 colleges and universities; UCSD, SDSU and USD and CSU San Marcos are the largest.

There are 192 Primary education schools
# of Rain/snow days The City of San Diego averages a 5 to 9 inches of rain per year, averaging one inch per month from November to March. There are two recorded events for snow and two more for sleet. The average humidity is 60% to 70% year around and we average 65% to 70% of sunshine yearly. Our coastal areas are on average eight degrees cooler than inland areas, but in the summer months, that can be as great as 15 degrees.
# of days below 45 degrees Days like that are recorded as freak events and seldom happen. Even winter averages in the 50’s. Combine that with as inch of rain (over 30 days), some clouds, and you have as Southern California winter! You might even need a jacket.
Recycled Bike Program? no
Bike bridges? Sweetwater River Bridge is a bicycle only bridge.
All of our surface street bridges (not freeway and Coronado) are bike assessable. You can also take your bike on the ferry to access the City of Coronado from Downtown San Diego.
Bike undercrossings? There are numerous under crossings, too numerous to mention.
Bike Boulevards? no
Ctty Bike Repair? no
Population California's second largest city and the United States' fifth largest, San Diego boasts a citywide population of nearly 1.3 million residents and more than 2.8 million residents countywide.
  • We spend 10 million a year on bicycle and Ped related facilities county-wide every year.
  • SR-56 Bikeway: at this time, we are completing the SR-56 bikeway, which is going to connect the coast with inland cities, crossing two major freeways. The Path is currently built, but does not cross the freeways yet. The Eastern portion is in design and funded, the western portion being studied and unfunded. The middle portions are in design for grade separated crossings at all major roadways and $9 million of the $9.85 million has been identified and is moving forward. When completed, you will have a 9 mile long, grade separated bikeway, that will function as a bike freeway, with Ped access. Studies exist for four additional connectors that will allow local communities to access the facility without going to major intersections. This is in the northern part of the City.
  • Bayshore Bikeway: A 22 mile route of San Diego Bay, around the cities of Coronado as you are between the bay and ocean on the Silver Strand, Imperial Beach, San Diego, Chula Vista, National City and back into the City of San Diego. In various phases of study, design, and construction.
  • Coastal Rail Trail: a 40 mile rail trail that starts in the northern beach cities of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach and Del Mar and ending in downtown San Diego’s Santa Fe Rail Station. In various phases of study, design, and construction.
  • Inland Rail Trail: In Northern San Diego County connecting inland Escondido, San Marcos to Coastal cities. In various phases of study, design, and construction.
  • Coast to Crest Trail: Connecting City of San Diego with the Vulcan Mountain to the east 66 miles away. In various phases of study, design, and construction.
  • Lake Hodges JPA: Connecting paths, trails, and equestrian trails in the City of San Diego, San Marcos, and Escondido. In various phases of study, design, and construction.
  • Bike Rack Program: Funded and underway. Several hundred installed since summer 04 and a few hundred more to go by the end of summer 05.
  • Bike Boxes on Fairmount on either side of I-8 and planned for the Mira Mesa Bl @ I-805 intersection. In various phases of study, design, and construction.
  • San Diego River Bikeway, paths that will connect local City of San Diego communities in Ocean Beach and Mission Bay and Pacific Beach with Mission Valley and the eastern communities in the county 22 miles away. In various phases of study, design, and construction.
  • Bicycle Education: Currently two con-currant grants for a million dollars to educated the public on safe cycling. Our targets are: Elementary, Middle and High Schools, Commuters, families and seniors.
  • City of San Diego’s community of San Ysidro’s Bicycle Parking lot: A parking lot that is for the community, rail station and border crossing. It is funded and designed.
  • The North Torrey Pines State Preserve Bridge widening: A widening at the famous state beach fro bicycles and autos.
    SR-52 studies: Various studies to create another bikeway along the freeway at a mid-city point.
  • Poway Road Path: Designed and 90% funded, this path will connect the I-15 path with the City of Poway.
  • I-15 Path: The mid-city portion of the I-15, that will connect Mission Valley, the SD River Path, to the dense urban areas to the south, connecting Ped facilities and a proposed Historic Walk.
  • Rose Creek Bike Bridge: A Bike and Ped Bridge at the northern tip Mission Bay, that already has paths around the entire bay, that will allow for east-west connection for the Mission Beach and Pacific Beach communities to the Rose Creek Path and Coastal Rail Trail to the east. Project is 90 designed and 33% funded for construction and cleared environmentally.
  • Projects Studies (PSR’s)are being conducted for:
    The connection of Mira Mesa and Miramar Rd/Eastgate Ml, east of 805.
  • Pacific Hy @ Barnett I/C improvements
  • San Diego River Bikeway in Mission Valley, 5 bike bridges
  • San Diego River Bikeway in Mission Valley to Father Junipera Serra Trails connection.
  • San Diego River Bikeway in Mission Valley, Hazard Center under SR-163 PSR completed, and 50% designed. Construction programmed
  • SR-56 under I-5 study
  • Bike Locker Program to be revisited and redone
  • Bicycle Licensing to be revisited and redone
  • The City of San Diego’s Bicycle Master Plan to be updated
  • The Fay Av path is being design for extension. Land is being negotiated is a land swap, design 80% completed, construction funds identified for 2010
  • Sa Pasqual Valley Road: Located in the NE corner of the City near the Wild Animal Park. The PSR has been completed, funding unidentified.
  • Utah Street bike lanes
  • 35th St bike lanes
  • Island Av bike lanes
  • Market St bike lanes
  • Balboa Av/Tierrasanta Bl bike lanes
  • Park Av bike lanes
  • Adams Av bike lanes
  • Rancho Bernardo Rd bike lanes
  • Bernardo Center Dr bike lanes
  • Via De La Valle Bike lanes
  • Pac Hy @ Friars Rd connectors
  • San Diego River Bikeway: Hotel Circle to OB connection
  • San Diego River Bikeway: Hotel Circle North to Hotel Circle South connection under the I-8
  • Vista Sorrento Parkway Widening
  • Carmel Valley Rd bikeway
  • Kearny Villa Rd bikeway
  • La Jolla Village Dr @ I-805 Bike lanes
  • Euclid Av bike lanes
  • Beyer Bl bike lanes
  • Camino De La Reina bikeway
  • Camino Del Rio North bikeway
Local Bike Activist Organizations?
  • San Diego County Bicycle Coalition
  • San Diego Mountain Bike Association
  • Sierra Club Bike Section
  • San Diego Tandem Club
  • North County Cycle Club
  • Rainbow Cyclists
  • San Diego Cyclovets
  • Knickerbikers
  • San Diego Bicycle Club
  • Triathalon Club of San Diego
  • San Diego Wheelmen
  • Adams Ave Bike Club
  • Ranchos
  • Swamis
Other Within its borders of 4,200 sq. miles, San Diego County encompasses 18 incorporated cities and numerous other charming neighborhoods and communities, including downtown's historic Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, Coronado, La Jolla, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Escondido, La Mesa, Hillcrest, Barrio Logan, Chula Vista and more.

Known for it's near-idyllic climate, 70 miles of pristine beaches and dazzling array of world-class family attractions, including the world-famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, Sea World San Diego and LEGOLAND California, San Diego offers a wide variety of things to see and do, appealing to guests from around the world.

In San Diego's East County, the terrain varies from gentle foothills to mile-high mountains and the historic mining town, Julian, down to the 600,000-acre Anza Borrego Desert State Park, offering nature-conscious visitors endless opportunities to hike, camp, fish, observe wildlife and much more. In San Diego's North County, the land produces quantities of flowers as well as quality grapes that become excellent wines, which are served at some of the most elegant restaurants and resorts in the region. Along the west, 70 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline not only supports year-round outdoor recreation, such as surfing, boating, sailing and swimming, but also important scientific research at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. To the south, it's a whole different country, Mexico, featuring its own cultural offerings in various towns along the border and coastline, including Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada.

San Diego's arts and culture and culinary arts are making a name for themselves, both nationally and internationally. Balboa Park, the largest urban cultural park in the U.S., features 15 museums, numerous art galleries, beautiful gardens, the Tony Award-winning The Globe Theatres and the world-famous San Diego Zoo. The region is also a breeding ground for the hottest, new talents of culinary arts, who prepare award-winning meals in many of the region's 6,400 eating establishments.

San Diego County also features 92 golf courses and a variety of exciting participatory and spectator sports, beachfront resorts and luxury spas, gaming, a dynamic downtown district, annual special events and unique holiday offerings, multicultural festivals and celebrations, colorful neighborhoods and communities, a rich military history, accessibility for travelers with disabilities and much more.

The most difficult decision to make regarding a vacation to San Diego is determining what to do and see among the region's vast and diverse variety of offerings. San Diego County offers a vacation experience for everyone.

For more information: www.sandiego.org

Winter Training:
Olympic Training Center.
Ideal winter weather for many professional teams.

Anza-Borrego Desert SP 
With over 600,000 acres, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is the largest state park in the contiguous United States. 500 miles of dirt roads, 12 wilderness areas and miles of hiking trails provide visitors with an unparalleled opportunity.

Cuyamaca Rancho SP 
The beautiful park of over 26,000 acres offers camping and hiking in an oak woodland forest, with a sprinkling of pines and lovely meadows with creeks. There are over 100 miles of trails which accommodate hikers, bikers, and equestrians.

Border Field SP 
Border Field State Park contains much of the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve, an important wildlife habitat. The salt and freshwater marshes give refuge to migrating waterfowl and resident wading birds, such as black-necked stilt, etc…

Silver Strand SB 
Silver Strand State Beach now offers SBC FreedomLink Service! This service enables park visitors with wireless enabled laptop computers or personal digital assistants (PDAs) to access the Internet. Silver Strand State Beach features extensive beaches on both the Pacific Ocean and San Diego Bay. Combined with the area’s mild climate, the beaches make Silver Strand one of the area’s finest recreation destinations. Camping, swimming, surfing, boating, water-skiing, volleyball, and picnicking are popular activities. Anglers can fish for perch, corbina, grunion and yellow-fin croaker.

San Onofre SB 
San Onofre State Beach features 3.5-miles of sandy beaches with six access trails cut into the bluff above. The campground is along Old Highway 101 adjacent to the sandstone bluffs. The beach is popular with swimmers and surfers.

San Elijo SB 
San Elijo State Beach now offers SBC FreedomLink Service! This service enables park visitors with wireless enabled laptop computers or personal digital assistants (PDAs) to access the Internet. Located on the San Diego Coast, San Elijo State Beach offers swimming, surfing and picnicking. The narrow, bluff-backed stretch of sand has a nearby reef popular with snorklers and divers.

Old Town San Diego SHP 
Old Town San Diego State Historic Park recreates life in the Mexican and early American periods of 1821 to 1872. Five original adobes are part of the complex, which includes shops, restaurants and a museum.  La Casa de Estudillo is a mansion built around a garden courtyard. La Casa de Machado y Stewart is full of artifacts that reflect ordinary life of the period. Other historic buildings include a schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop, San Diego's first newspaper office, and a stable with a carriage collection. (San Diego became California's first Spanish settlement when a mission and fort were established in 1769.)

San Pasqual Battlefield SHP 
San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park, east of Escondido, honors the soldiers who fought in the battle between the U.S. and Californio forces on December 6, 1846 in the midst of the Mexican-American War. Generals Stephen Kearny and Andres Pico both claimed victory. The battle was only one of the military encounters in California in the war, but it proved to be the bloodiest and most controversial as to the outcome. The park has been set aside, not as a monument to war, but as a reminder of the human ideals, actions and passions that can drive nations to bloodshed.

San Juan Bautista SHP 
This park is adjacent to one of California's 21 Franciscan missions. The location was once the largest town in central California and the hub of travel between northern and central California. The mission is owned and operated by the Catholic Church.

Torrey Pines SR 
State reserves have outstanding or unusual natural or scenic values. Torrey Pines State Reserve is a wilderness island in an urban sea. This fragile environment is the home of our nation's rarest pine tree - Pinus torreyana. Once this tree covered a larger area. It now grows only here and on Santa Rosa Island off the coast near Santa Barbara. The park preserves not only the trees, but also the last salt marshes and waterfowl refuges in Southern California. The reserve features high broken cliffs and deep ravines on headlands overlooking the ocean. Hikers can follow trails through stands of wind-sculpted pines. A picturesque, pueblo-style structure that served as a restaurant when it was built in 1923 houses the visitor center, featuring interpretive displays. Picnicking and camping are prohibited in the reserve. The reserve's rich plant community features wildflowers in the spring and visitors can see the California quail gathered in coveys in the early mornings of fall and winter.

Ocotillo Wells SVRA 
Adjacent to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, this area has over 42,000 acres of desert terrain, from below sea level to 400 foot elevations. It is a motorcycle, four-wheel drive, all-terrain vehicle, and dune buggy use area.

Tijuana Estuary NP 
Tijuana Estuary is a small intertidal coastal estuary on the international border between California and Mexico. The estuary is primarily a shallow water habitat, though it is often termed an "intermittent estuary," as it is subjected to extreme changes.

Quail Botanical Gardens
Quail Botanical Gardens is dedicated to the conservation of rare and endangered plants from across the globe. San Diego visitors and residents are invited to experience this spectacular collection of flora. Tours, nature walks, lectures, landscape advice and instructional programs are offered to advance public awareness of plant diversity.

For more information: http://www.parks.ca.gov/parkindex/
For all associated parks in the region: http://www.co.san-diego.ca.us/parks/

Your Name and Title or Organization? Joel Rizzo, Jr.
pictured at Southwest Relay Flank
P: 619-533-3110
F: 619- 533-3713
E: jrizzo@sandiego.gov

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